Ode to my Chaco flip flops.

22 May

Oh, Chaco flip flops.

Did you know that this is the beginning of the ninth summer we have spent together? I remember because you were a college graduation present to myself. (One doesn’t just spend $65 on a pair of flip flops all willy-nilly. These are special occasion purchase flip flops.) Nine summers. Can you believe it?

Before you, I was a firm believer in cheap $2 flip flops. In every color. I loved them. Until I met you.

You offer arch support and don’t get super slippery when wet. You are great for walking in for long distances and standing in for long periods of time. You are what so many flip flops are not.

And you have withstood the test of time. Eight summers of wearing you probably practically everyday. I’m enamored by you. A dirty, raggedy flip flop. And here comes summer number nine.

We’ve spent great times together. You’ve seen me to foreign countries and many states. Where will we go this summer? Adventures are yet to be told but I can nearly guarantee – we’ll go together.


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