I needed a finish.

6 Jun

In so much of my life – my job, quilts, etc. – projects are constantly ongoing. There aren’t a whole lot of finishes on a daily basis. After a bit of a roller coaster week, with the up and down ride to continue in the coming days and weeks, I needed a finish. A final, competed project.

I felt compelled to spend time in my happy place this morning – my sewing room. However, I couldn’t quite get the energy to continue work on a project I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish today in the few hours I had available. What’s a girl who needs a finish to do?

Start another, smaller project, of course.

I made a pillow case. It will be my travel pillow for the summer. My camp pillow for when I spend a weekend at Camp Erin in July. The pillow I take to the cabin in a couple weeks and home next week. It even has French seams. (Oh la la. Please note I didn’t even know what those were before I began sewing.)

And so, Lindsay has a finish for the day. Something competed. Life is good.


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