Childlike behavior. Almost.

7 Jun

I firmly believe that it is well and good and healthy to act like a child now and again. To skip, imagine, and play games.

Games like Mouse Trap.

We played Mouse Trap last night, except we played it as adults. Because how did you play Mouse Trap as a child? You didn’t actually play the game, did you? My brothers and I never did. We got out the box and set up the trap and that was about it.

As adults playing Mouse Trap, we played according to the rules. Which we had to read in detail because none of us had actually ever rolled the dice and moved mice around the board. I finally learned what those cheese pieces were for and how at the end, you just keep going around in a six-space loop. I had no idea.

I suppose you could say we engaged in child’s play in an adult way. Either way, it was pretty fun. Especially since my mouse emerged victorious.

(You’ll also notice a beer in the background of the picture. That’s not very child-like either.)


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