It happened again.

8 Jul

A stranger told me to smile.

(Warning: Curse words ahead.)

I’ve mentioned this before. I feel like I have an over abundance of stories and experiences in which strangers tell me to smile. Let’s add another one, shall we?

I was at Hyvee. I had put everything on the checkout conveyor belt as the cashier finished with the woman ahead of me. She moved on, all her groceries paid for and bagged and in her cart. My turn.

Except the cashier didn’t begin to ring my items up right away as a cashier normally would. He looked at me, put his arm out in front of the start of my groceries as if to protest their need of being scanned and his willingness to do it. We made eye contact.

I’m not going to do this (He motioned to my yogurt and almond milk.) until you smile.

Seriously, dude? I smiled a cheesy smile, halfway pissed because yet another stranger had acknowledged and declared something had to be said about my perpetual frown and serious face. The cheesy, half smile was enough for him; he began to scan my groceries.

I explained to him that I don’t control my face (Seriously. I make faces that I never even realize.) and that he’s not the first person to demand to see my teeth. He told me that I just looked so serious that something had to be done and that I had a really pretty smile. Well, gosh. Thank you, crazy cashier at Hyvee. That’s sweet? creepy? strange? of you. Later he also referred to me as “the lady with the constant frown.”

Sigh. Just another example of what it is like in society to be plagued with RBF. (*cough* Resting Bitch Face *cough* It’s a thing.)

One Response to “It happened again.”

  1. Matthew Stolen July 9, 2014 at 5:58 pm #

    I know the feeling, I get accused of having “resting asshole face”

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