The twin beds were made in the guest room with care …

16 Jul

I have guests arriving tomorrow! This is completely and utterly the summer of visitors and I love it. Tomorrow arriving are Montana friends Joel, Melissa, Hannah, and Harper. Here they shall remain until Monday or so. Hooray! It will be an adventure … my house is not even close to toddler-proof. However, I do own a built-in vacuum for the cracker crumbs and such; Mabel will beyond love the the toddler twins.


In an effort to catch up a bit on other life happenings, how’s this:

Today was the second session of day camp and it was all sorts of fishy fun. It really was a great day. Great kids, great youth leaders, great supportive adults. Super fun.


And just because I like to give you all a reason to laugh, I’ll tell you that I rode a motorcycle for the first time this past weekend. Dave is one of those motorcycle guys and he convinced me that we should ride to Decorah. On his motorcycle. I’m willing to try almost anything once …

However, you should know that I once fell off of a snowmobile that was going about two miles per hour (and my friends have never let me forget it) and have tipped many a golf cart. I’m not too great with open-air modes of transportation. That being said, we made it to the countryside around Austin before I asked him to turn around. Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. We traded the motorcycle in for pedal bicycles, sketchy corner store Mexican food, and geocaching. I felt much more comfortable and safe with that afternoon.


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