Okay. Maybe I am crazy.

15 Oct

Maybe I’m crazy because I’m going to dork-out about wrapping paper.

Yes, wrapping paper.

As a self-proclaimed paper snob, I’ve always loved a good roll of wrapping paper. I’ve always loved wrapping gifts. I used to get out of stripping tobacco by claiming that my mom needed my help in the house wrapping Christmas gifts more than my dad needed me in the strip house with tobacco leaves between my legs. (It’s how you did it. You strip the leaves from the stalks and when they become too much for your hands to hold, you put them in a bundle between your legs. Makes total sense to any kid who also played in a manure spreader filled with tobacco stalks.)

In summary: I always have loved wrapping gifts. But today it all changed.

I had a bridal shower gift to wrap and get in the mail. I went for a new roll of wrapping paper I bought many weeks ago at Marshall’s. I bought it because it was blue and white polka dot, not because I knew I would never wrap gifts in the same way ever again.

I took off the plastic wrapping and immediately knew that this roll of wrapping paper was different. It felt different. Smoother. Matte. Different. I unrolled the amount I needed and went to cut. Now, I love it when you can take the scissors and zoom across the paper. With a regular roll of wrapping paper, sometimes it works. Sometimes it leaves your edges jagged. Oh, buddy, not this time. The scissors sailed across the roll with such ease. I always have wondered what people meant when they said something cut like butter; now I know.

I wrapped the gift, fully aware I was in the presence of something wonderful. I tweeted this:


Later, someone responded to the tweet and asked about the wonderfulness. It caused me to do a little investigating about this new-to-me paper product. Turns out this was no ordinary gift wrap made from trees; this was gift wrap made from stone.

For serious.

It’s called stone wrap and it’s made from some form of salvaged limestone. It creates a paper that is matte, smooth, waterproof, nearly tear-resistant, and extremely durable. A paper that is absolutely wonderful.

I cannot begin to tell you how exciting this is for me.

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