Fall check-in.

22 Oct

Back on October 1, I wrote a post detailing all of my favorite fall activities and what I hoped to do this month amidst the leaves and colors and cool temperatures. As I reflect on the last weeks, October is living up to expectations quite well. Here is the list:

Make soup. Eat soup.
CHECK. Joe and Amanda came and stayed at my house this past weekend. We cooked a turkey, two kinds of soup, and a jumbo batch of lasagna to spread between our freezers. Meals pulled from the freezer are awesome.

Walk on crunchy leaves.
Check, check, check.

Bike ride through crunchy leaves.
CHECK. Dave and I went on a bike ride this past Monday evening. It was a beautiful night to bike through Austin on paths covered by leaves. We even made a swing stop at a park.

Still waiting on this one.

Carve pumpkins. Maybe paint one too.

Make an apple pie. Maybe some applesauce too.
CHECK. I didn’t make AN apple pie but rather many small salted caramel apple hand pies, aka individual pies to eat in four or five bites. I made some yummy crockpot applesauce too!

Visit the pumpkin patch.
Check, check, check. Most recently, Dave and I went to Farmer John’s just down the road from me to find the perfect pumpkin for my front stoop. AND, this past Saturday, my BFF Carter and I went to a patch for a corn maze and other fun.


Quilt and cuddle in quilts.
Check in progress. Two baby quilts down, I’m now working on a BBQ (boyfriend birthday quilt) and another baby quilt soon! Here is the BBQ in progress on the design wall …


I’m kinda dreaming about this butternut squash lasagna.
A mighty delicious check.

Puffy vests! Scarves!

Read a good book. (Any suggestions?)
No progress here yet …

See Gone Girl in the theater (a good book now in movie form).
Check. Loved it.

Reinstate my tea-and-reading before bed ritual.
This is a no go so far. The bedtime ritual of late has been quilt-until-my-eyes-get-blurry/quilt-until-the-episode-of-Gilmore-Girls-is-over.

Not on the original list, but there also have been some Halloween art projects in the house! Fused beads and painting. Overall, it’s shaping up to be a mighty festive and mighty fun October!




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