Estate sale Saturday.

15 Nov

Estate sale Saturdays are my favorite.

Dave and I headed to Rochester for not one, but two estate sales just around the corner for each other. It was the perfect morning to go about galavanting through other people’s houses and taking their things. Dave bought a pair of sawhorses for $1. I walked away with the following for myself:

New (to me) Pyrex. It’s actually old; vintage I suppose one could say. I simply can’t help myself when I see Pyrex in any shape or color. I buy it all. I’m running out of space. (But do you see the casserole dish? It’s inside is, like blue! I haven’t seen one like that before.)

Next, I spied and claimed quickly as mine this bright red pig cutting board/trivet. It definitely belongs in my kitchen.

And, finally, a couple new metal trays for my wall of trays in the kitchen. Have I shown you my wall? It’s the best because they are light, easily found second hand, hung with 3M strips, and, while they bring cheap funky color to the room, they also double as magnetic spaces. The new two will likely cap off the collection and the wall.



Estate sales most certainly are the best. Today, our galavanting was timed perfectly too, because just as we returned to Austin, it started to snow big flakes of fluffy wonder. We spent the rest of the lovely afternoon eating soup and making a batch of beer (I have declared myself to be Dave’s sous brewer.). We only went out again, likely in the worst of the 3-5 inches of snowfall expected, because there was a YEAST EMERGENCY. I repeat: YEAST EMERGENCY. At least that’s what Dave jokingly said to the guy at the home brew place in Albert Lea that we had to run to quick to buy the proper kind of yeast for this specific lager. It’s okay; the emergency resolved itself with the purchase of proper yeast. All is well in the brewing world again. There will indeed be beer.

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