Snow makes me giddy.

12 Nov

Say what you will about the white stuff. And my tune may very well be very different in a couple weeks or months. But, for right now, the snow makes me giddy.

Lorelei Gilmore always claims she can smell snow. She loves snow. “The whole world changes color,” she says. Lorelei and I are on the same wavelength. (Now if only we had the same closet of outerwear. I love Lorelei Gilmore coats.)

It snowed for the first time this season a couple days ago. In Austin, we accumulated little more than a dusting, just enough to make the world change color. The cities – they got hammered. (I might be singing a different tune if I was still living in St.Paul.) But here in Austin, it didn’t require much plowing or shoveling. But the world changed color.

I love how bright it is and how, when I wake up in the morning, all it want to do is drink coffee and stare out the window. Snow inspires me to create and makes me crave holiday decorations. On a bright snowy day, I want to make things and make things pretty and drink coffee. (As a thought, maybe the giddiness is actually caffeine overload.) Come Friday, my day off, you can probably expect that I have begun pulling out my Christmas decorations. Maybe I’ll make some festive bunting to hang. Or a new pillow. Or … Or … Or …. endless possibilities.

Nevertheless, I’m happy and thankful to live in a state with four seasons, including winter. I like winter. It makes me giddy and full of childlike wonder. We’re best friends (at least for the time being).

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