8 Dec

Hey guys. So, can we just forget about the fact that I haven’t blogged in, like, forever? For no real particular reason, it has seriously been forever. Okay. Moving on. (I will mention that it feels good to be back. Maybe it will become a semi-regular habit of mine again. But don’t hold your breath … )

It’s my birthday today. I’m 31.

Last year, when I turned 30, I joked that I was having a third-life crisis. That feeling of doom and gloom surrounding life and what I thought it should be and wasn’t propelled me into a pretty great year. They are saying 30 is the new 20 …

In the last year, I –

Learned that red hair highlights are so me.

Bought a church pew. Because why not, right?

Tried lots of new things. The boyfriend thing, the motorcycle thing, the bicycle thing, the geocaching thing, the gardening thing. I love and will continue in all of those adventures except the motorcycle deal.

Traveled to Ireland! (And Glacier National Park. And Pennsylvania.)

Became at home and happy in this call and parsonage.

And you know, lots of other things. Lots of other good things. 30 brought a year of crying exponentially less than the year of 29. Let’s raise a glass to that.

And while the glasses are raised, here’s to a great year of being 31.

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