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10 Dec

Thanksgiving was two weeks ago and I haven’t told you about the annual Thanksgiving Day Bake-Off held at the Danielson gathering. Cousin Connor and I have chosen a theme and hosted this bake off for eight? nine? years now. It seems that though Connor and I lose a bit of steam each year in the planning of the event, the rest of the family won’t let it die. This year our theme was cinnamon & social justice (Don’t ask.) and I won by default since Connor decided to not actually enter a dessert. Mine was an apple dump cake with protest signs. It was quite delicious, if I don’t say so. #pinterestwin

I also baked a bunch of mini pumpkin pies for the boyfriend’s birthday. (His request.) And wouldn’t you know – the BBQ (boyfriend birthday quilt) was finished on time and loved by its recipient.

After thanksgiving, Mama Leanne came to stay with me for five nights. We shopped and completed projects and she helped me get ready for an open house I hosted at the parsonage. We explored the surrounding area, including a stop in the cutest, smallest little town named Stockholm across the river in Wisconsin. They have a well-known pie shop; you betcha we stopped.

I hosted an open house at the parsonage and the next day was my birthday. Dave treated me to dinner in Rochester and then we stopped outside of Hayfield to take in a Christmas lights display that has quite the reputation. Lights set to music; you tune your radio to a certain station when you drive in. It was pretty darn awesome. After the lights, we ate cake that Dave baked. He baked me a cake. A cake with dinosaur sprinkles. What more does a girl need?


(This post is quickly becoming all about food.) Last night, Dave and I finally made a dish we have talked about making FOREVER. Fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce. Thank you, Pioneer Woman, for a delicious recipe. It was pretty splendid. Dave’s creeper skills are also pretty awesome.

Life just seems to continue moving at a pretty constant/busy/insane pace in all aspects – work, creative, and personal. It’s mostly all good things but phew. I’m holding out for a few days of rest after Christmas. (And to think Christmas Eve is two weeks from today! Cue freak out.)

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  1. Denise December 11, 2014 at 9:45 am #

    So fun to read your blog again. Missed you!

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