A post on a dumb Lindsay move and why I’m not baking Christmas cookies.

23 Dec

I’m not baking any cookies for a couple reasons. First, I am gifted enough sweets to feed a dozen of my closest friends. (Come on over!) I feel little need to add to that delicious pile.

However, I am also not baking cookies (or anything for that matter) because my oven is out of commission. Because this happened on Sunday night –


See, with a dog in the house, sometimes I hide/keep food items in my oven. You know, things like plastic cutting boards. And then, sometimes, after a week of non-use, I turn on the oven to bake bread and forget to remove the food items.


It was my own darn fault and luckily the flames were small. I caught it early and the fire extinguisher was nearby. I’d never used a fire extinguisher before; good thing they are user friendly. And good thing I don’t have a bird. I just learned that the plastic fumes would have been super bad for my fictional bird. It could have killed Chirp. (That’s what I named my fake bird. Oh, and I should credit that information about birds to Mister B.B. – a resource in bird-lore and many other things.)

So I am not doing any baking. I still have a little more plastic cutting board to scrape off the bottom before it can be used again. I also continue to vacuum and wipe up the fire extinguisher dust that covered the kitchen (including inside the fridge because, you know, I was putting away groceries when I suddenly realized I needed to check the oven). From this time forward, you can bet I check the oven every time I turn it on.

And that, my friends, is my dumb Lindsay move and why I’m not baking Christmas cookies.

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