A sewing frenzy.

13 Mar

I’ve been sewing like crazy the last couple weeks. But not this week because MY SISTER CAME TO VISIT! She spent a portion of her spring break here in MN. Quilting was at a minimum due to a shopping trip to the cities and games and movies and general hanging out. But before that, I was spending a lot of time in the sewing room, aka my happy place. It seems I worked in pairs …

Two baby quits reached completion. The red, white, and blue one was commissioned by my mom. She picked out the fabric; I did the quilting. The other circle quilt will be off to St.Paul soon as a gift to college pal, Deb’s second child, Miss Ellie. I hope to deliver the quilt/hold the new baby soon!



The other thing sewn of late were a pair of toddler aprons. They went in the mail last week to a set of twins in Montana who I think are pretty great.


Next in the sewing docket: another baby quilt. Finishing my gumdrop quilt. And I really want to tackle a cargo duffle bag. Like this. It will take guts. Then there are dreams of a quilt for my bed, finally finishing the Union Jack hexagon quilt, and so much more. And just as the weather is calling me to be outside …

As always, too many projects and not enough time!

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