Propagating and paper piecing.

17 Mar

If you were to look at my internet browser search history, or my Pinterest search activity, you would find two main topics typed in the last couple days: propagating succulents and English paper piecing diamonds.


But, err … uhh … Lindsay? What exactly is propagating succulents?

I’m so glad you asked.

If you’ve been to the parsonage, you may well know I have a windowsill full of succulents in pots. All different kinds. And they have kinda spilled over onto other tables and shelves. I’m a sucker for a succulent. When Emma and I went to Ikea last week, I made her promise that she would not let me buy any more.

Any more. Ha. Because then I learned how easy it is to propagate the succulents you have, aka grow more of them using leaves and cuttings. My windowsill is now a succulent nursery. I’ll keep you up to date on the progress!

The second new adventure? I’m embarking on a new EPP project. It will be a long term, work-on-while-I-am-a-car-passenger kind of project. Something I can take with me on the road. I’ve done hexagons; this time, I’m trying diamonds. (Yes, the hexagon project was the Union Jack flag quilt. Yes, it’s still not done. Yes, I should probably finish that one before starting another one. Yes, that would make sense. You know, you’re starting to sound like the boyfriend who teases me that I have too many projects in progress … I admit, I have a problem.) This is my inspiration and I’m reaching into the scrap basket instead of buying new fabric. I ordered my paper pieces this time (instead of cutting them out myself. oy.) and they should arrive any day. I’m so excited.


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