Quilting energy. 

23 Apr

I know I’ve noted here that I seem to have a million and one sewing projects constantly in the works, with another half million in my brain that I want so desperately to start.  But I can’t do them all. Or, rather, I probably shouldn’t do them all at once. Right?

But sometimes I don’t have the energy for specific projects. I don’t know why precisely. Maybe I’m intimidated by the next step. Maybe I’d rather play with color and pick out new fabric than baste. Maybe I just get bored and need something new to reengergize my quilting mojo before the energy returns for the previous project. 

It’s a pretty consistent pattern for me. My hexie quilt hung on my stair rail for nearly a year before I picked it up again. I was intimidated by the next step. But now, all I can think about is finishing it. Energy for the Union Jack abounds where, for the last year, it was nonexistent. 

I have a baby quilt started on the design wall and I’m not sure where that energy went. (Sorry, Sara.) Maybe it went away in the flurry of baby quilts completed in the first couple months of this year. I love the fabric and the pattern and know it will get done soon.  Or maybe it’s intimidating to know that once that baby quilt is finished, I have a stack of three to start on.  (I love it, I do.)

And then there is the fact that sometimes, I just need to finish something. Maybe that’s why last weekend I made a pillowcase for no apparent reason but to have a completed project. Maybe that’s why I finished two and then started three more “hour baskets.” Opps.  (You can always use another fabric basket, right?)

What am I ultimately trying to say?  I don’t know. I just know I have a sermon to write before the day is over and all I can think about is making progress on the good ole Union Jack!  (Plus, the bf promised me a ‘quilt party’ when it’s complete. Just like we have a little mini celebration when he finishes fixing/restoring a pinball machine – aka we play it, we will celebrate quilt accomplishments. By covering up with them and watching a movie?  I’m not sure exactly.)


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