I have a dream –

30 Apr

– to one day own and refurbish an old, small camper.

This is a dream that began last year.  And, honestly, it’s one I can’t shake.

It’s a trendy, cool thing right now.  (Not that that’s why I want to do it; it just means that examples are everywhere and that makes me want it even more.)  The trend is to buy an old Airstream or other camper and tear it apart only to put it back together.  To transform a small living space on wheels.  To pull into the campground and easily be the coolest camper there.

Like this.  Or this.  Or this.

Just a tiny kitchen/living space and sleeping space, that’s all I’m asking.  I’d be okay with tiny.  (Tiny and awesome.)  Because though I love the idea of camping, I think I would like it more when there is a camper involved.

Keep your eyes open for me, will you?

If you hear of any small, old campers needing a little love, let me know!

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