A prescription for a good week according to Lindsay.

12 Apr

Sing, dance, and shuffle around the bathroom to Walk the Moon as you get ready for the day. (Favorites: Portugal and Sidekick.)

Spend a solid 20 minutes singing as many classic Disney lyrics as you can remember with your significant other.  (Be our guest!  Be our guest!)

Paint those wooden spoons.  Dream of the garden they will go in. 

 Treat yo self … to No Name salmon fillets.  (I haven’t bought them in years; still delicious.  Remember those, Mom?)

Attend a women’s lunch where they color.  (It was a BYOCB – bring your own coloring book – event.) 

 Make significant progress on The Boyfriend’s tshirt quilt.  Wander aisles of fabric with him to find the perfect backing. 

  Wake with the sun-ish.  Go for a walk before breakfast.

Sit in front of the patio door and watch the birds gorge themselves on birdseed.  (I’m pretty much on an every-other-day fill schedule.)  Continue to ignore the dead bird on the steps just outside the patio door because you don’t know what to do with it/you don’t want to touch it/you really hope some animal will just carry it off in the black of night.

The Mindy Project is back!

Continually watch the tracking data for a bundle of new fabric you ordered.

Make bacon-wrapped-goat-cheese-filled dates for book club.  Seriously yum.

Get invited to eat birthday cake with one of my favorite 2 year olds.

(This goes back more than a week but) Meet up with family in LaCrosse!  Eat lunch and shop.

Do not let the sixth grade music class intimidate you while subbing.  (aka Yell for them to pay attention until your throat has to recover by coughing for a minute.  Point – Red sweatshirt!  Move to the chair in the corner!  At minute 22 of a 25 minute class, just give up.)


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