Update. [A prescription for a good week…]

14 Apr

Throw in some beautiful weather and it has been a pretty darn delightful week.  A good week definitely includes time swinging in the hammock too.  Check.

Update: As of this morning, the dead bird on the patio door steps is gone!  My wish was granted that some animal carry it off in the dead of night so I wouldn’t have to touch it.  [But now there is a suspicious amount of animal hair spread in a concentrated area just feet away from the steps.  Connected events?  A scuffle?  An animal brawl?  An attack of birds on the animal that dared to carry their dead friend away?]

Also: A prescription for a good week according to Lindsay DOES NOT include loss of internet service.  We’ve been offline at church/the parsonage since Tuesday afternoon.  [I write this post from the place to which I’ve been exiled if I wish to be connected: the library.]  I’m supposed to call tech support tomorrow if it doesn’t miraculously return.  Enter the third evening of no television with many shows to catch up on and no wifi with blogging to do … #tinyviolin.  [I know.  There are much worse things.]  Expect no Friday Favorites this week.  Sad face.

Here’s hoping your weekend is lovely!

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