Goodbye to the school year.

8 May

Today was my assigned day to head to Lincoln Elementary and pack up my things. There cannot be more than six people in the building at a time so everyone was given a day on a schedule. Today was my day.

I drove to school and parked closer than I ever have before.  I typically was one of the last to arrive at school on a given day since I didn’t start until 9:15; today I was one of three vehicles. I emptied the table of things I kept in the classroom I shared and, honestly, it was sad.IMG_8444

Truth be told, the week before schools were closed, I was waiting for spring break. My new position was good but the kiddos were challenging. I was more tired at night and the days were more stressful than before. I was oh-so-ready for spring break. But then we got the longest spring break ever – aka the end of the school year months early.  And it makes me sad that we’re not going back.

I don’t know what fall with hold for me or for education in general. Maybe I’ll be back. Maybe not.  We’ll see what summer brings.

One Response to “Goodbye to the school year.”

  1. Linda L Christianson May 13, 2020 at 11:00 am #

    It is so sad the situations that are going on. I just take it one day at a time. Today I am finishing boomerang bags for the library. It is now available to do call in and drive by to pick up books. I have have many book over the winter and now hope to spend more time in the yard and outside. Our g-kids are spending the entire day on school work. They are giving a really full day of work. And some seems not necessary but how do you do art. Addison has to draw for 1 1/2 taking a picture every 20 minutes to show what she has completed. Just let them start and finish and send in. Not being critical because I now it is a challenge for students and teachers. It is a new normal that I am not liking. I love spending time at home but Nolan and I just don’t do the same things. I can be busy all day and he hunts for things to do. Enjoy your summer.

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