It’s a small sort of accomplishment, I suppose.

15 May

That, my friends, is a random quote from the most recent cinematic version of Pride and Prejudice. I don’t have it nearly as memorized as Lord of the Rings but it’s close.

It’s good to have accomplishments, even of the small sort. Here are mine of late:

I did it. I baked a loaf of sourdough bread with the starter I began at the end of March. I had hidden the starter away in the fridge, frustrated with its lack of growth. Encouraged by a friend, I pulled it back out and began feeding again. Sure enough, now it was growing in size after feeding AND it passed the float test. (The what? The float test. The dough should float in water when ready to be baked, a sign that the yeast is doing its thing.)  It’s pretty much a two day process to prep a loaf to be baked and I followed the steps apprehensively. It’s not the prettiest loaf in all the land but it was tasty. We just ate the last bit of it as garlic toast to accompany our zucchini noodle spaghetti last night.


Dave, who has kinda sorta been scoffing at the whole process and didn’t understand the big deal, made a grilled cheese with a couple slices. He then asked me when I would make the next loaf.  Husband convinced. Check. The answer to his question? As soon as I can find bread flour again. The grocery store has been out the last three trips.

We have continued to plug along outside with every nice day and have something to show for it. We completed one bed, complete with fabric and mulch. It’s lovely. It doesn’t make me anxious looking at it anymore because it’s not filled with weeds and there is some structure to it. I’ve now moved onto another section and sold another 35 clumps of hosta yesterday (to one woman who was tickled to stumble across such a treasure as she installs her own hosta garden).  Before and after —

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