Vacation sewing.

20 Mar

Don’t be confused. I don’t mean sewing on vacation (at least not this time). This is sewing FOR vacation. We’re anticipating a week in Florida in mid-April and have been looking forward to the beach, time away from work, and chill time. We’ll be meeting up with my brother/sister-in law and their two kiddos to rent a house on 30A, a stretch of highway between Destin and Panama City Beach.

It can’t come fast enough. We haven’t had a week away since … early September? I’ve been working full weeks but for a few three-day-weekends and I am ready for a bit of a break. Enter vacation anticipation. This time around, I’m anticipating vacation by sewing.

First up — a countdown chain. A fabric, REUSABLE countdown chain. This isn’t construction paper but quilted layers of fabric with snaps. (Hey. I learned how to do snaps!) I’ve had this pattern from Maker Valley for forever and finally decided to tackle it. Right now, it will count down the days until Florida. Then, snap it back together and we’ll pick something else to count down. It’s good to have exciting things on the horizon.

Peeps on Instagram have been posting photos of the yarrow clutch (a pattern by noodlehead) and I decided that was next. It will be my purse while away. I don’t need to carry much and it’s easily thrown in a larger bag if needed (see next project). I made one … and then decided to make a second with some improvements. The rainbow stripe one has an added snap on the front pocket and an added zipper pocket on the back, in addition to interior zipper and card slots like the first.

THEN I was thinking I needed a larger-ish bag for the airport. I combed through sotakhandmade’s Etsy store (a favorite go-to for patterns) and decided on her Kensington tote. For fabric? An ode to former home, Austin, I found Spam fabric. It’s got bunches of zipper pockets, a recessed top zipper that opens wide, polka dot interior fabric and will be large enough for my clutch, water bottle, book and snack. I finished it up just today.

What’s next? No idea. I think that may be all the vacation sewing I can think of right now.

2 Responses to “Vacation sewing.”

  1. Linda L Christianson March 21, 2022 at 9:36 pm #

    Fun Fun. I heard about your project at qulting this morning from Sara Lawson, Nancy Wesleys daughter. She had seen it and you truly are as creative as can be. Have a great vacation. We are planning on very nice get away April 20-28 to the SMoky Mountains. Loads of activity that 73-74 year olds, with llimited mobility, can handle hopefully. The ARc is the first big thing we will visit. Then and Museum on to a race track tour and racing. On to a Jeep ride in the SMokys, and some shows in Dolly Land. Nice place to stay and just hang out. For now my sewing is consisting of PROM. After the last 2 years of no prom so some sort of proms, outdoor style, with little activity it is great for the kids to be looking forward to this event. They are so beautiful full and fun to work on. I have what I plan to take so hope no calls come in as I have a hard time sayin NO but I just can’t do more than I have here and 2 mnore coming. Always so good to hear from you.

    • Lindsay April 3, 2022 at 8:06 pm #

      Oh, how I miss quilting in the basement! I hope you have a great vacation too – sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve heard great things about the Smoky Mountains. Thanks for the comment and for sharing how things are! Miss you all.

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