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links for the wkend.

15 Apr
Start here for a post that I wrote on armpits.  [You so want to click that link, don’t you?  I knew it.]
Then, let’s talk about this – homemade candy buttons!  I LOVE candy buttons!  
[Not so much the taste of them at all but they certainly are pretty.]

How simple and genius is this?

I think I love shutters.  Both for this use below and for this.

I want to make this wreath.  And these.  [Good thing there are pictures because that is a language I do not understand!]  Okay.  These too.

And what do you think of this?  Cake batter bark!  Nom nom nom.

Now I must nap in preparation of a happy dinner party this evening and a weekend of thesis-izing/textile garage sale-ing.  Happy weekending, friends!

links for the wkend.

11 Mar
… I’m not sure you really understand.

I rambled on and on about Pinterest a few nights ago.  But did you get it?  Do you grasp how this site can change your life?
Because I can’t get over how flipping awesome this site is.  It’s all things gorgeous, amazing, and delicious. Clothing, recipes, and home decor – oh my.  The home decor.  I’m so very excited to have a home to decorate in [hopefully] a few short months.
On that note of homes of my own, these links for the weekend are all about home decor.

pinterest: my new interest.

9 Mar
Pins, boards, repinning and following.

Those are my pinterest words.
Pinterest? you wonder.
Pinterest is a site on the interweb [just ipod it] that – if I dare say myself – is a heavy contender to replace my google reader.  It’s like google reader for pretty things.
I don’t even know how to explain and don’t care to admit how much time I’ve wasted on it in the last few days.  I read about this site initially many months ago, requested an invite to the Pinterest community [I feel like that comes with a nose snub of sorts.], and, once I received said exclusive [not really] invite, it was lost in the waves of endless emails that is the constant moving sea of my inbox.  Basically, I forgot about it.
Until yesterday when I got lost in the beauty of this new site and online community.  You create boards of different subjects/items/themes.  For example, I have a ‘recipes’ board on which I pin recipes I find on the web.  When I pin a website to my board, a picture from said website shows upon the board.  There’s little text initially on my board – just pretty, pretty pictures.
You can follow other people’s boards.  See something you like on their board?  You can repin it to yours.  [And this is how it becomes the pretty google reader.]
Confused?  I was at first too.  If anything, take away from this conversation that Pinterest is pretty.  You can visit my boards [I tried to upload a screen capture of what it looks like but failed.] and, if you’re even further intrigued, message/comment and I can send you an invite [raise nose in air] and you can join the Pinterest community too [if you promise to follow me].
Until you visit [or not] my Pinterest site in its beginning stages, see here three of the favorite things I’ve found so far via my latest pinning:

crepe paper.

16 Feb
After such a downer of a blog post a few nights ago, I feel motivated to feed you those lollipops and rainbows at an alarming rate.  So much color and happiness and group hugs that you’ll want to want to sit alone in a room with white walls, rocking back and forth while murmuring things like, “No more unicorns,” just to get away from it all.  Then, just when you’ve had too much, I’ll hit you with another downer post and – no.  Totally kidding.  Not part of my evil plan.  (My evil plan remains a secret at this point in time.)
Truth be really told, this is a bit more engaging than beginning that two page paper that’s due tomorrow morning at 10. (… which I promise to start as soon as I tell you about crepe paper, okay?)  Have I told you how I’m ready to be done with school?  Right.  Check.  But in all seriousness, I say thank you again for the support.   I received a ‘for cute’ email tonight from a woman in Dawson that I didn’t know read my blog – a note of encouragement and one that reminded me that my Grace family is behind me all the way.  The cutest and so encouraging.  (Thank you to Sharon!)  I can and will do this, faithful blog friends!
Ready to hear about crepe paper?!
Crepe paper is a standard party decoration that – quite honestly – can make me cringe.  I think it can be used in fun ways but you’ll typically see me stay away from it.  Quite far away from it.  Maybe I just can’t twist it properly.  or something.  But in general, not a fan.
However, this I could get on board with … you know what’s coming next, right?
You can sew crepe paper!  [Credit for the photo and the idea is given to this blog.  Coolest thing about it?  It suddenly becomes sturdier with a seam and two layers so you can roll it up and use it again.]
How lovely.
I also found this to make crepe paper all fancy-like.  It calls for sheets of crepe paper (which I never knew existed) but I think you could use a roll of crepe paper and take an xacto knife to it.  The whole roll.  I mean – be careful when you do it but I think it could work on some level.  [I take no responsibility when you slice your hand or lose a finger.  Simply an idea.  I will, however, write a really long and depressing blog post when I probably stick my thumb with a blade while attempting.  I’m good at posts like that.  After the blood dries, of course.]
[you know that’s a joke, mom.  right?  ps mom.  engage me on either of these decorating ideas and emma will have the classiest high school graduation party ever come june.  plus graduation cap cakepops.]

liquid starch is my friend.

22 Jan
My new best friend.  One quarter cup of corn starch, added to one half cup cold water, then combined with four cups boiling water.  It’s crazy how in love I have fallen with this mixture and what it can do.
Because I only recently discovered that, using this liquid starch, one can attach fabric to walls and remove it later to leave no residue or anything.  Rejoice much does the renter upon finding sites like this and this.
So this morning I woke up, put on my Saturday sweat pants (I don’t really have Saturday sweat pants – that would be far too pathetic and spinster-like – but Saturdays in the apartment do call for comfort.), and decided to adhere the fabric I bought last night to my wall.  Good plan, right?  
(Quilt courtesy of my quilting friends at Grace!)
Excellent plan.  It worked so much easier and swifter than I ever expected.  Now I have a panel of green/yellow paisley on my wall and it only makes me want to return to the fabric warehouse to buy more so the whole wall can be covered in it!  Left-over starch also led to the adhering of polka-dotted fabric polka dots around the bathroom mirror.  I’m on some sort of starch high – where else can I stick fabric to the wall?

a fabric friday.

22 Jan

A few weeks ago I heard of a mysterious place in a northern ‘burb of the cities.  A place where bolts of fabric are stacked high and cheap.  A place that will capture you in its aisles and only let you leave wanting more.  A fabric warehouse – 30,000 square feet of fabric warehouse.

Fake fur.  
Barrels of buttons.  Vinyl.  
Everything possible.  So wonderfully overwhelming.

Oh the joy of SR Harris.

We ventured.
We dreamed.
We lost Jenna.  (Only temporarily.)
We all made small but lovely purchases.
And we all picked out our ideal apparel fabric.  How hot are we?

this weekend I –

6 Dec
– made this.

– watched LOTS of movies, all having subtle or obnoxious Christmas themes.  Many of my favorites: Elf, Love Actually, Just Friends, Bridget Jones and The Holiday.  (No worries – I could never simply SIT and watch this many movies.  They were enjoyment while wrapping yarn balls, making cake pops, and conversing with my cotton-headed ninny-muggin friend, Sara.)

The Cooking Pastor?, you ask.  In the post-production stages.

garland. (not judy.)

29 Nov
This afternoon I combined two of my most favorite things in my crafting world – paper and my sewing machine – to create garland for my Christmas tree and I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time.  Sewing paper may be a new love of mine.  
Here’s a preview … the final fake tree product is yet to be completed.
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