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the cooking pastor.

7 Dec
Here it is, friends.  Get your frozen cake balls from the freezer and melt that coating chocolate.  Enjoy!
Fun fact: This was actually the first time I’ve worn a cleric – the pastor collar.  I’ve avoided it to this point but – of all reasons – I put one on for the artistic purposes of this video.  But don’t worry – I just borrowed the shirt.  I still don’t own one …

[ The background story?  I made turkey cake pops for Thanksgiving.  I happened to sit at a lunch table, they became the subject of conversation, one of my Children, Youth, and Family professors was present and saw the pictures that were shared.  An activity was needed for the CYF Christmas Tea this coming Friday.  I can’t be there in person so this video will be the substitute as it leads them in their own creation of winter cakepops. ]

so freaking excited!

15 Feb
I have been most wonderfully blessed to have participated with many of my closest friends on their wedding days.  Bridesmaid?  Check (x3).  Preacher?  Check.  Guest book builder?  Check (x3).  The friend who gets a little too happy with the champagne at the reception?  Check.  
Best man?
On April 10th, I will have the wonderful honor of standing next to my friend, Adam Teske, as he marries his sweetheart, Kara.  Technically, in wedding terms, I will be the “groom’s honor attendant.”  Even if that’s the politically correct version, I’ll proudly opt for the best man title.  
[[ Adam and I on a wedding adventure together this past summer. ]]
Being the best man in Adam’s wedding means a couple things.  No, I don’t have to wear a suit but will sport a black cocktail dress of sorts.  (Two are ordered and in the mail to me as we speak as possibilities.)  I get to hang out with Adam on the Friday before the wedding – I declare it to be officially Adam and Lindsay day.  I also get to plan and participate in the bachelor party, and knowing us, the night of board games and hard cider at the hotel might get a little crazy.
I am honored beyond belief to be there for Adam and after meeting up with him this past weekend in St.Paul, cannot get over my excitement for the wedding weekend!  
… (to all my SNL quoters) I’m so freakin’ excited!
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