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seriously. watch this.

18 Mar
If you haven’t yet seen this, watch it and love it.  [And if you have seen it, watch it again.  Like me.  I’ve watched it – and laughed hysterically – at least eight times.  Okay.  Twelve.]
Do you think I can, like, somehow ensure that any potential child of mine has facial expressions that equal this?  

cakepop competition.

10 Mar

Have you heard?
Cakepops are now being sold at Starbucks.
The novelty of cakepops will be lost.
But I’ll keep making them because mine will taste better.  Right?
Here’s your job.  Both tomorrow and Saturday, from 2pm – 5pm, Starbucks is giving away free cakepops with the purchase of a drink.  I think you should go.  (If you can.  Sorry, Dawson folks, to tease.  I know your closest isn’t too close!)  THEN, please comment with your reactions, whether you’ve had one of mine or not.

My first reaction from a friend was that the coating is too thick, they’re a bit dry, and too sweet.  Second reaction: “I just ate one.  Yours are way better.”  Okay, okay.  I’m feeling a bit better about this … I went after class to snatch one and taste the competition, and … yeah.  I think mine are better.  [Naturally.]  But I’m still curious to hear what you say!  
Since we’re talking cakepops, want to see another Cooking Pastor cakepop video?  [If you don’t, simply don’t click play.]  I planned and taught a group lesson in my mission practices class this afternoon.  Since the class is taught by the same professor who asked me to make the original holiday Cooking Pastor, we thought this would be a good way to kick off our presentation.  [But please know that we realize the metaphor doesn’t work.  It’s a joke, people.  And, this may be another video where if you’re not in seminary, it might not be funny.  Play at your own risk for boredom’s sake.]

video post.

6 Mar

All your questions will be answered by clicking play.

[Further posts regarding my weekend of visitors and pictures of the polar plunge will follow.  For now, this is all you get.  Make as much sense of it as you can …]

I got better.

15 Feb
(on the phone with me mum)
Mom: How are you?
L : Alright.
Mom: That’s not what your blog says.
Oh.  Right.  The blog posting I wrote in crankiness and frustration last night, and then hit “Publish” with some sort of ‘stick-it-to-the-man’ attitude.
Thanks for reading, friends, and thanks to the many of you who commented, sent messages, and asked me how things were going.  You are all so wonderfully supportive and the way in which you support me is proof of the community that is built and grows through such a silly thing as a blog.  Blog.  The word is just funny to begin with … but in all seriousness and slightly as an aside, this blog has helped me form and maintain relationships in a weird but really cool way.  [As one who often struggles to let people into her life, it’s this crazy thing where you can learn about me and my life virtually; that somehow puts me at ease when face-to-face.  But enough about that for now.  Perhaps more in another blog post in the future.]  
As for today, what comes to mind is a favorite quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail – said with a choppy British accent – “I got bet-tah.”  [See video clip at the end of the post to bring light to this quote if you’re unfamiliar.  Also, you should watch the clip if you would like to learn what else floats in water.  Spoiler alert: Churches and very small rocks.]
Today was a better day.  I won’t say that my confidence has completely been restored or my feet entirely steadied, but I think I might wear the yellow shoes tomorrow, Sabrina [see comment on previous post], to assert the unique feet that are my own/unique person that I am.
That is the truth – that each person is unique.  Even better – that’s the way God intends it.  [A lesson I love exploring with kids.  I should practice what I teach.]  I so easily get caught up in comparing myself to others that I forget to be myself and be content with who I am.  [Okay.  I can’t help it.  Another video clip that comes to mind.  Dawson peeps: Are you really surprised?  Hello, Joyce?]
I am a seminary student but I don’t consider myself an academic.  I’ll never teach at the college level, nor do I have any desire to work towards a doctorate.  That’s not me.  It’s not where my gifts are.  I love [nearly] all aspects of congregational ministry and despite the lack of confidence and momentary freak-outs [which I guess will only be more frequent as graduation grows near – I apologize in advance], this is what I’m called to do.  I learned that last year more than ever, but this year – returning to an academic environment which I feel is not my strength – it’s a struggle to remember that.  
It’s no joke when I say that I have Kendall’s [my internship supervisor] and my internship committee’s final evaluation paragraphs of my year propped upon my study table.  I think I need to be reminded – when I seem to lack the confidence and strength – that other people believe in these gifts I’ve been given and have witnessed my joy in ministry.  Perhaps when I’m called upon to explain my CYF thesis to a class of highly academic classmates, I need to forget the comparisons, and simply “do my best and forget the rest.”  [That’s what Tony Horton says.  Who knew P90x and seminary classes had anything in common?]  
In conclusion: Today was bet-tah.  And thanks, blog friends.
Enough rambling from me.  Now enjoy this:

need a giggle?

7 Feb
“I’m speaking to you as we speak, from the now, in the middle of the now.”

Thanks to Cassie for this one.


26 Jan
Lead male role in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  
A misunderstood man for whom Elizabeth eventually realizes she is crazy.  
Immortalized by Colin Firth in the BBC adaptation of the classic novel.  
[A version which I watched in college with my friend, Carolyn, who muttered things like, “Oh!  Sexy waistcoat!” throughout.  She speaks the truth.]
I saw The King’s Speech yesterday afternoon, taking advantage of a $5 matinee showing.  Oscar nominations were announced that morning and it was this motion picture that came out ahead of the rest with twelve nods, including best picture and a best actor for Mr. Firth.
Colin Firth plays the role of King George VI, one who comes to the throne of England on the brink of World War II and with a verbal stutter.  Historically intriguing, humorous at times, and heartwarming, I enjoyed the film.  Well done, Mr. Darcy, well done.  (Helena Bonham Carter plays his wife and I will admit, I had a really hard time with her in the sweet, supporting role.  All I could see in her was Bellatrix Lastrange.  “I killed Sirius Black!  I killed Sirius Black.”  She’s a meanie in Harry Potter.)
So naturally, later that evening, as I continued to prep 45 small draw-string bags as part of a for-hire sewing gig I scored, I watched P&P.  [I cheated with the most recent version; the BBC version I own not.]  Sexy waistcoat.  

got milk?

20 Jan
In a country that was actually designed to remain anti-partisan, it was the election of 1800 that really ruined that dream.  I sat down with a mug of coffee and began (again) one of the books on my Jterm shelfA Magnificent Catastrophe: The Tumultuous Election of 1800, America’s First Presidential Campaign.  (My AP US History teacher, Mr. Papendieck, would be proud.)  The book is engaging, brings back much of that Revolutionary history that’s been pushed to the back of my brain, and actually connects in many ways to my current modern church history course; I hesitated to put it down and move on to other necessities of my day. If we were to talk favorite ‘characters’ as if this non-fiction was not, Alexander Hamilton is my man.  That guy was CRAZY. Pushing for an American monarchy [seriously.  who thinks that’s a good idea after fleeing from the tyranny of Britain?], a federal bank, and secretly his own election to office [sneaky.] – not to mention agreeing to a duel – A.H. seemed a bit off his rocker.  Do you know anything about Alexander Hamilton?  If they know one thing, many people remember who killed him.  [Oh.  Did I catch you at a bad time?  Too much peanut butter and not enough milk?]

gnome love.

18 Jan

Looking for a date or two to go see this movie.  Let me know if you’re available opening night.

[I’m so serious.]

a birthday wish.

9 Dec
It was my birthday yesterday and there will be stories of hamballs and volunteering at Feed My Starving Children to come on that topic.  But for now, enjoy yet another video embedded here at the place of the happy gnome – a birthday wish from my penpal, C., and his sister – favorite friends from Dawson who I miss dearly!

oh the faces I make.

7 Dec
People say I have funny faces.
I guess they’re right.
That’s all I can say.  (That and it’s good to make fun of yourself once in a while.  Laugh at my expense!  The song – one of my current favorites – is completely in jest; these still-frames do nothing to suggest beauty!  Though, in accordance with one phrase of the song, when I make faces like this, people probably do stare.  But not for good reasons.  I hope this makes you laugh at my stupid faces!)
[ Thanks to my friend, Justin, for helping me alter code to properly embed my videos!  No more half a face! ]
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