Oh for _____________.

2 Sep
I have lived in Minnesota for pretty much the last three years, give or take a few months. People always comment on the Minnesotan accent, exaggerate the tendencies, and make fun of the extreme vowels. Watch the movie New in Town for a completely exaggerated view that is also hilarious. (And super cute.)
In my three years in MN, I never have really noticed the accent. Maybe I grew accustomed to it or maybe just gained it myself and therefore didn’t realize it when other people spoke with ridiculously long o’s. But, my goodness, have I noticed one thing since I’ve moved to Dawson – the for.
The for goes in front of anything. Anything. Attach a description word and you’re set.
For good.
For nice.
For great.
For fun.
For sweet.
Oh, for goodness sake, I have noticed it coming out of ladies’ mouths left and right. For awesome.

One Response to “Oh for _____________.”

  1. familyfeedingdynamics September 8, 2009 at 12:41 pm #

    Love this! When I was in ND for 10 weeks, I picked up the accent a little. Up in Grafton, I heard, "Oh, fer funny!" and "Oh, fer cute!" the most! My now husband mocked me as I said, "OH, NO" with the rounded long "O" and said things like, "We have three yet to go…"

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