creation camp (2).

12 Aug

My current facebook status?
Lindsay S. labels day camp a grand success!
My last two days with the fifteen kiddos (and adult friends) were as pleasant and fun as the first! Mrs. Amanda, college roommate and BFF, came and helped out for a day, and Tammy had perfect attendance and gets a gold star for always cleaning up my messes. Creation campers created human sundials in the parking lot using the sidewalk chalk we had made ourselves, had water relays in the courtyard, and played lots of games. (‘My grandma’s big fat toe’ was easily the favorite. I’m hopeless at it as the skill involved is answering every question asked with “my grandma’s big fat toe” and not cracking up while saying it. What did you eat for breakfast? My grandma’s big fat toe. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? My grandma’s big fat toe. I can’t even make it through the questions before I start to smirk.) We painted birdhouses, assembled the remainder of the health kits, and took crazy pictures. I made them eat pudding cups without their hands or spoons, we shared our week of camp with the ladies at the assisted living facility, and ended our days together with one big group hug.
I received so much love from these campers in the last four days. They escaped secretly during snack to all go to the second floor craft area where they made me a poster that said, “We’ll miss you, Lindsey!” I don’t even care that they spelled my name wrong! I got countless hugs, lots of “I’ll miss you,” and gracious thank yous. Camper J. had to leave early for a fishing trip. His mom picked him up, they walked outside, and then she must have told him to come back inside and say thank you. He ran through the kitchen, past Tammy and I, threw back a “thank you!” and pointed to me while yelling, “Good pastor!” That, combined with everything else wonderful about day camp, completely made my week.

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