and then I –

2 Mar
Baked cookies.  Which was only halfway on the giant to-do list.  [Halfway?  Yes.  Halfway.  It’s a secret.  Shh.]  [And giant to-do list?  Yes.  Keep reading to the post that follows in blog order but preceded chronologically.]  
I had the dough already in the freezer.  The marshmallow fondant was already made.  [Why do I have marshmallow fondant just hanging around?  It was for – you know what?  That’s not important.]  THEN, when I came across this blog last night, it was meant to be.
I’ve had these message cookie cutters for a while now – I made a pretty big deal out of them while I was on internship.  They are lovely but my struggle comes with decorating.  Enter fondant.

All in all, it was only an hour detour from my to-do list, since the dough was already mixed, fondant already prepared, and I’m choosing to make the dishes wait.  Now back to it.

Blog post number two?  Check.

One Response to “and then I –”

  1. Lauren March 2, 2011 at 5:19 pm #

    Oh my, can we please have a "winter sucks" party like the outfit cookie blogger suggests, with tropical drinks and BBQ fare? And your cookies, and maybe some cake pops? Super cute cookie cutters!! Btw, I'm so glad that your to do list had cookies on it!

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