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Friday Favorites.

7 Jun

There is lots to love this week, people.  Lots to love.

Let’s start here.  The 13 Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said to a Parent.  I came across this one morning and laughed the ENTIRE day about it.  I guess creepy translates to hilarious in my brain.

Continuing, I love Joss Whedon.  I couldn’t even tell you what exactly it is but that he is something akin to my perfect man.  Hilarious.  Red-headed.  You know.  Not only is he the man behind Dr.Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, he is coming out with a new movie, Much Ado About Nothing.  I will see it when it makes its way to small-town America but for this moment, read how he invited his own friends to be extras on the film.  He is so swell.

On another Joss note, he gave a commencement address.  It was awesome.  Here’s a taste –

Identity is something that you are constantly earning.  It is a process that you must be active in.

And how about this – my favorite pins:

Happy Friday, friends. 


Friday Favorites.

15 Mar

[Friday Favorites.]

I’m into reading about food lately.  Books by chefs and cool people like that.  Current reads: The Sweet Life in Paris by my favorite Parisan food blogger and An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler.

Travel Cat on travel site.  Apparently people submit photos of cats while traveling.  This particular one is by @theangryskittle, aka my older brother.

Oh, no, you didn’t.  I’m drooling at the computer.  [almond-thumbprint-cookies-with-dark-chocolate-and-sea-salt.]  These should be on my weekend to-do list.  If I had people to share it with, I would be making this for Sunday – Magic Munch for St.Patty’s.  Since we’re talking about food [always], I’ve made this recipe for sweet potato fries with avocado twice in the last week.  It’s the paprika.

If my hair is losing its curl, what does this then mean?

Source: via Priscilla on Pinterest

And isn’t this the truth –

Source: Uploaded by user via Kristina on Pinterest

That’s all for today, folks.  Happy weekend!


22 Jan

[DC.] Did you watch the inauguration?  It was probably the first time I’ve sat and really watched and listened to the inauguration of a president.  It was wonderful.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry a little bit during the POTUS’ speech.  And love FLOTUS’ haircut.

And it made me want to go to DC.

I’ve been twice.  First for senior class trip in high school.  My classmates and I boarded coach buses and drove thru the night to the city filled with history and culture.  We stayed through the week, filling our days with historical monuments, museums, and flying kites on the national mall.  [We had a free afternoon to explore the Smithsonian buildings but we were so tired of playing the tourist.  So we played the weirdos who flew kites on the mall.]  It was a wonderful trip.  My friends and I made memories we still talk about today.

The second time I was a junior? senior? in college.  Being at the liberal arts college I was, I joined the Student Global Aids Campaign.  We were all about AIDS awareness and advocating for available treatment and prevention.  In one weekend, we road tripped – again in a coach bus – to DC to march in an AIDS march.  It was an incredible whirlwind trip of which we spent 40 hours on a bus and only 10 hours actually in DC.  It was crazy and a great college experience.  March in DC for a cause dear to my heart?  Check.  [Above is the only photo I could find on my current computer.  Proof that I was there, along with my friends Kara and Deb.  Also proof my hair used to be really long and kinda gross.]

DC.  I’m ready to go back, explore it again, and immerse myself in the history again.  Add it to the travel list.


31 Oct
Happy boo-day.
I think the goblins are out to steal my focus today.  I’ve been sitting at my desk for the last half hour with nothing to show.  [Except to discover that the Smitten Kitchen – a blog I will partially credit my love of cooking and exploring recipes over the last few years – has a cookbook.  It appears to be nothing short of gorgeous.]  I plan on writing a sermon at some point.  And going to buy candy to hand out tonight.
I think my introvert was taxed tremendously yesterday and I’m still in recovery mode.  It was a full afternoon of pastoral visits and then a 2.5 hour evening meeting with pastors and lay folks.  If I didn’t have to talk at all today, I think that would be my picture of perfect.
I know you’re wondering – did you dress up today, Pastor Lindsay?  You might look at my hair and think so.  I tried a new curly-hair drying technique [scrunch with tshirt and dry upside down] and my head resembles that of Medusa.   My hair is a fright.
I don’t really know why I tell you all of this.  This is likely to be one of the most random blog posts I’ve written but perhaps spitting this all out here will prompt me to focus on, oh, work?  Here’s hoping.

three places on a thursday.

25 Oct
I left work shortly after 4 today, leaving behind a nearly complete sermon [*blog high five*].  I drove to the southern edge of the Cities and I went to three places.  This is how those places make me feel –
Place #1: Byerly’s wine and spirits.  I was early for my appointment at place #2 and had already decided it was a wine kind of weekend.  Byerly’s was on my way and so I pulled in the parking lot and walked through the automatic glass doors.  Immediately, I was approached.  It’s the first day of our wine sale.  Buy one, get one half off!  She was very excited about it.  I acknowledged the greeting.  Another person approached me thirty seconds later.  Has someone told you about our wine sale?  Yes.  Can I help you find something? Something in particular you are looking for?  Here is where I stumble.  How to tell the wine snobs at Byerly’s that my indication of a good bottle of wine is a funny name or silly label under $10?  Hmm.  I always feel like a baby wine drinker in wine shops.  I bought two bottles; one is very large.  The other is normal sized.  Working on the large one now.  It has a rooster on the label.  Silly.
Place #2: Beau Monde Salon.  Hair cut time!  Happy hair cut dance!  I love getting my hair cut.  I love how it feels afterwards and – though she is no Brent – I do like my current stylist, Tiffany.  She is fun to talk with, remembers me, and hasn’t once asked me what my dating status is [the flaw of so many hair stylists].  Happy hair cut dance!
Place #3: Lakeville Super Target.  My favorite Target.  The Target of all Targets.  I didn’t really need anything but rinse aid for my dishwasher and dental sticks for Mabel, but you know how Target works.  Buy-three-get-one-free method hand soap, $10 worth of my favorite yogurt not available at the local HyVee, and stocking up on toothpaste equaled a whole lot more.  Target makes me happy.  The kind of happy American consumerism wants me to feel.  I can’t help but bow to such consumerism when hand soap and Fage yogurt is involved.

[summer list.]

23 Jun
I know this summer will speed on by; it always does.

Heck, June is almost over as it is! In the hustle and bustle, I’m attempting to make the most of it.

That means it’s list time, people.  And it’s all about rest, rediscovery, and joy.

. I have a state park pass in my window.  I shall use it.  Mabel and I can go hiking.  [We were going to explore Myre Big Island State Park this morning but then it was overcast with rain.  Another time soon.]
. Screw makeup.  I’m hiding away all my eyeshadows and eyeliners and bronzers and everything else.  Why do I spend time doing all that?  [I will still put on a protective layer of foundation.  It has sunscreen in it, people.  And maybe a little mascara.]  On a similar note, find the easiest, low maintenance hair style ever.  I think my haircut on Friday may have helped in this department.  [Short in the back!]
. Perfect the overnight refrigerator oatmeal breakfast.  Six individual servings in canning jars in the fridge now.  With strawberries!  [Old fashioned oats.  Almond milk.  Strawberries.  That’s it.]
. Drink water, drink water, drink water.  And iced coffee.
. Always be crafty and re-inventive.  Some things need new life.  [I spray painted a file cabinet today – avocado green with hopeful gray chevron drawers to be yet achieved and fabric yet to be found.]
. Sermons written by Thursday.  [I know.  I say that all the time but this time, there is motivation.  Paige made a bet with the devil and I hope to help her lose.  Two week success so far and it’s such a joy to not be writing on Saturday night.]

. Find and embrace Sabbath time.  We all need that.  Often more than we even know until we take it.

. Get out of town!  Opportunities for this and places tbd.  [With the exception of Stillwater next weekend already on the calendar.  Gieseke B&B bound!]

. Find myself in a canoe or kayak on the water as often as time will allow.  [Finding a man with a Subaru Outback and two kayaks strapped to the top would be a great alternative to this, but I’m not holding my breath.]

. Learn to let things be.  I’m pulling back on pushing certain church work things through … maybe they just need to be instead of pushed.  There are other things on which I can spend my time.

. Read.  I already feel this being a huge stress relief at work, as I made time each day this past week.

There’s more.  There’s always more.  But this is a good place to begin.

I’ll keep you posted [as always].

this is

21 Jun
what I looked like when I woke up today.  I went to bed with a wet head and this is what happened.  Then a neighbor came to the door and I had to answer it.  [wee bit embarrassed]

the first goodbye.

4 May
It’s May.  The month I graduate from seminary.  The month at the end of which I move home.  
May is exciting.  Graduation will be exciting.  I’m kinda thrilled to be done with school and looking towards what is next.  There is lots of fun stuff happening between now and the end.  Granted, yes, I have to finish my classes too, but after final papers are turned in, I think nearly every night of mine is booked with last minute Twin Cities adventures and hanging out with friends.
May is exciting but May is also going to be sad.  I will be saying goodbye to a place, a city, and lots of people who have been a part of my life while I’ve lived here.  Today was the first goodbye –
Brentt, my hair stylist.
I told him that I was moving and that he shouldn’t be offended when I don’t show up again in another six weeks.  We talked a bit about where I was going and what was next, and then he said, “If it’s your last time here, let’s do something crazy!”  There was a moment of panic on my part, and then he said, “Let’s straighten your hair today.”
phew.  That I can handle.  I straighten my hair on occasion and those are the days more than three people ask me if I’ve got it cut or simply look at me a bit strangely, not really being able to pinpoint the change but knowing something is different … 
As he began to blow dry and straighten, Brentt said, “It will be our little treat today, since this is it.” I was a little skeptical.  I don’t think I’d ever straightened my hair when it was this short.  And a hair stylist – with the product, tool, and height advantage – can always do it better than I.  Better = straighter, shinier, and smaller.
When he finished, frankly, I was a bit scared.  It doesn’t feel like my hair and, it turns out, when my hair isn’t big, my face looks huge.  Don’t believe me?
One friend saw me walking down the sidewalk on campus, unable to identify it as me for certain from a distance.  Flip-flops?  Check.  Scarf?  Check.  Hair? Um …  I felt like to whatever friend I approached, I had to explain why I looked so out of the ordinary.  I’d put my hands on my head and the first thing out of my mouth was, “I got a hair cut!” [probably too loudly like Will Ferrell’s character on SNL who couldn’t control the volume of his voice.]  With such small, straight hair, I don’t know how anyone can grasp that it truly is me.  In complete honesty, I like my short curly huge hair.  This is just a friendly reminder of that.
I will miss Brentt though.  He helped me find a cut and style for my hair that I really enjoy.  As he walked me over to the counter after my cut, he told me to call for a haircut if I ever came back to the Cities.  Then he said, “Hug,” his two hands motioning such.  Aww.  Hug for you, my gay hairstylist.  You’re awesome.
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