I’m back!

13 May
The host for this blog, blogger, was down for nearly a whole day and, boy, did I miss my bloggy blog.  A lot of things happened yesterday – good and bad – and I found myself wanting to share the day with you.  But I couldn’t.  Every time I tried I got an error.  No worky.  
I followed Blogger on Twitter and they constantly said that the site would be up and running again soon, along with the missing posts on this blog that suddenly went missing.  I waited.  I wrote blog posts in my head.  I exploded my thoughts onto paper.  
Joel even wrote a rap about it last night.  He and his wife use blogger too, and were equally frustrated!  But fear not, as I live and breathe and type here, blogger has been resurrected.  I blogged here briefly in the absence of this gnomepreacher if you want to check that out, and even though it no longer technically applies, please enjoy Joel’s rap about blogger being dumb.
Blogger is down/ can’t write for awhile/ I’m gonna yell as I bust out in style/ try to write down all the stories in my mind/ better come back on line or I’m swinging for your head/ all you IT geeks with your programmer skills/ get blogger back up and running before I hit you in the grills/ I got hops/ and mad writing skills/ write now I’m pissed off/ cuz there are pages to fill/ off on a rant started couple hours ago/ this stupid ass site/ has got to show some respect for the people who navigate and write/ I’ll poetry slam you with a blog post all through the night/ what the hell is up, dear blogger/ what the hell is up….I want to write! What the hell is up, blogger/ you better watch out cuz we in for a fight!

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