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21 Sep
There is much to tell you.  I write from the Blooming Prairie Public Library, mooching the free wifi because we still have no internet at the church and my iphone wifi was not cooperating today [I blame the high winds].  I just finished attending a women’s circle where I was entirely intimidated by the Bible study leader; Evelyn was a missionary in Cameroon for over twenty years and she knows her Bible.  I’m learning lots of names and eating lots of cake [as served at such functions].  I met with my accountant yesterday morning and he put me in a splendid mood for the day.  [Who knew meeting my accountant would brighten my day?]  Marilyn and I continue to have a good time in the office, and this week is certainly much better than last.  I have a wild rice chicken soup in the crock pot at home – a recipe from the Central Lutheran cookbook.  I was asked to serve at the noon-time rush of First Lutheran’s [in Blooming] lutefisk dinner in October; I get to wear a red apron.  I’m planning a fall festival for families in mid-October and looking forward to not preaching next Sunday [as it is my installation].  
There is much to tell but instead of long stories, I only find the time right now to post a few links.  Stories will hopefully follow in the next couple days, but for now, let these links and photos be the storytellers of my days and dreams.
I really want to read this book.  There is something about fonts and typography that simply makes me happy and excited.
I made this and this last night.  Both proved to be quite tasty.  I made this, also in the crockpot, a couple weeks ago.  Also tasty.  Also on a recipe note, these look extremely dangerous.  Extremely.  I must not make until I have a function to take them to and then leave the leftovers!
I want to make this for necklaces and hang it in my bathroom.

I also want to make this.

And these.

Anyone know where to find oodles of scrabble tiles?  I’m kinda in love with them right now.

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