22 Sep
Why is it when I have two sermons to write [this week has been too crazy to actually spend office time writing a sermon … actually, that’s pretty much every week] all I want to do is watch Back to the Future and sit around in sweatpants?  
I’m heading home again this weekend for another wedding – Mike [cousin] will marry Jennie and I’ll be the one doing the hitching.  It should be a family good time.  Both brothers will be home, along with the sis; the whole family together for a night of celebration and Spotted Cow on tap.  Another late night of Saturday driving for me to arrive for my third Sunday morning at ROG.  
Today I made phone calls, played with the ROG website, and spoke to three different people at Dish in regards to why we still can’t get internet.  grr.  [This is only a big deal to me and Marilyn.  For example, I was hoping to communicate with my council via email.  Nope.  The majority of them don’t do email.  I’m learning to use the phone again.]  I met with my first call theological colleague group for two hours over lunch and then visited a member in the hospital.  Time always seems to get away from me.  Because now it’s Thursday night and those two sermons loom over my evening.
Maybe I’ll put Marty McFly on in the background.
He’s my density.

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