one more.

25 Sep
Wedding number four of the summer.

I drove home on Friday afternoon [after frantically trying to find a nearby place to change my oil.  a man named peter helped me out.  he was cute.] with the opportunity to stop for lunch with Cassie in LaCrosse.   Rehearsal happened and a fun dinner at the Great Dane followed.  Cousin Mike and Jennie were getting married – it was just crazy to realize that it was finally here.  Mike is a year younger than I [the same age as my brother Ben] and we all grew up together, he and his brother, Kyle, just across the corn field.
The wedding on Saturday was short and sweet, just as the couple wanted.  And actually, it worked out pretty swift since the ceremony was outside and it was a wee bit chilly at 5pm!  I was able to stay for dinner and cake and then I had to take my leave for Minnesota.  It was cool to be in the same place – the same state – as all my siblings and it was also pretty cool that I was able to catch up with a lot of cousins.
One of the highlights of the weekend for me – besides, you know, the actual wedding celebration – was Kyle’s toast as best man and brother of the groom.  Kyle did an awesome job, pinpointing the most awesome things about Mike.  Like how Mike can get really angry if you take a piece of his gum-a-flouge [a gum meant to mask one’s breath while hunting].  Leave it to Mike to have such a thing and leave it to him to get bent out of shape if you take a piece without asking.  Great story.  Great story.  Kyle’s funny.  [as the waitress at the Great Dane took to saying as Kyle teased her.  “You’re funny,” she said … sarcastically?]

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