sunday the third.

25 Sep
I arrived back to the dear parsonage a la 1:30am and was up around 6:30 to finish my sermon and figure out a children’s sermon.  [Thank goodness the Spark Story Bible I ordered last week had arrived on my doorstep!]  I dragged myself to church by 8 and wondered why in the world I’m in such a profession where I need to be up so early on a Sunday.  A Sunday.
Worship happened and – once again – a sermon that I thought was mediocre at best received a lot of positive feedback.  I shared cakepop knowledge with a table of people at coffee hour [we are so going to have a cakepop class at some point – there is interest!] and met with the youth and parents who are planning to head to the national youth gathering next summer.  [Who is their chaperone?  This girl!]  From there, a couple stopped in to set up the baptism of their son [Oct. 16 – to be my first baptism!] and then a woman who was visiting the church stopped by to chat.  I stood outside with one of my neighbors, her three kids, and their dog [who came down the road to join the conversation halfway through – sometimes Neutron walks the family to church and waits outside the doors until it’s over] for nearly an hour.  Despite my lack of sleep, it was a very, very good Sunday.  
From there, however, I got lazy.  Over the course of the afternoon, I watched the entire third disk of the second season of Modern Family.  I napped both in my hammock [brr] and on the couch.  I guess I did bake a cake and roll cakeballs.   Sewed a curtain for the guest bathroom [which I’m now not sure that I even like].  And not going to lie, after I finish a few emails, I might just go to bed.  This girl is still tired.
The Bishop’s Open tomorrow has been postponed until next Monday because of a possibility of rain … or something.  I received a voicemail about it.  I can’t get myself to actually work work now … and neither can Paige so we’re going to IKEA.  And maybe the Lakeville Target.  [seriously the Target of all Targets.]  Tomorrow night we’re chilling with jD too.  I’m sure we’ll talk business most of the time so really, it’s not like a full day off.  And I’ll go into the office briefly tomorrow morning just to clear my desk.  It’s messy.

ps If you are Coloradohi [shout out!], please know that I’ve tried to email you and thank you for your comments/reading [a long time overdue, I know] but cannot get through on google to connect to your email/profile!  If you would like to connect further, find my email on my google profile!  Thanks for reading!

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