amazon fail.

27 Sep
You know how when you buy things on, they then have your email and all your info of what you’ve purchased and what you’ve ever even thought about purchasing?  I buy a fair number of things on Amazon.  My dear Kindle is the reason that keeps me going back frequently, along with used books and used dvds.  My complete Friends series was purchased on Amazon used and you know how much I love that.  
Amazon sends frequent emails.  The kind of thing where they say – hey.  We saw that you bought these; now wouldn’t you like to purchase these too?  It’s almost like the Hallmark cards that say, “I saw this and thought of you!”  They suggest like items, items they think I may be interested in based on my history on the site.
Yesterday, I received one of said emails in my inbox.  
“ recommends “Red clown foam noses (12 pc.)” was the subject line.
I have no idea what I have bought in the past or what I’ve searched for that would lead Amazon to believe that I need a dozen clown noses, but I’m so glad they see fake foam noses and think of me.
[No.  I did not purchase them.  My current need for clown noses is quite non-existent.]

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