a mug routine.

27 Sep
I’ve determined that I’m rooted in routine.  I need routine.  I like routine.
Maybe that’s part of why transition throws me for such a loop.  My routine gets all messy and unknown and mixed up and Lindsay goes loopy.
As I went through my morning routine this morning, I opened the cupboard above my coffee maker and, being the dork that I am, I smiled to myself.  Want to know one of my favorite part of my morning routine?
Deciding which coffee cup I’ll use that day.  

Is it an Office mug day?  [“I *heart* Jim” or “Employee of the year.”]  A Dawson day?  [Preacher gnome or painted gnome scenes.]  A mustache mug or fireworks mug?  [Half of the mustache came off in the dishwasher.  opps.]  Corny/awesome souvenir mugs  from Alaska and Korea?  Choices, choices.  And I love them all.  
There is something about the mug fun and something about the Starbucks french roast [I learned to drink my coffee dark and bold from the best, a la Emily.] that goes inside of it that makes my morning happy.  I love my morning routine.  [Except for that part when I need to wake up and climb out of a cozy bed.  But after that.]

One Response to “a mug routine.”

  1. cassination September 28, 2011 at 10:10 am #

    what?! it came off?!oh nos!

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