a doggy tale.

28 Sep
There’s something I didn’t tell you last night.

I met a new friend.  
She might come live with me.
She’s five and a pure-bred yellow lab.  She’s house-trained [they think – she keeps her kennel clean] and can sit, shake, and lay down.  She seems friendly and awesome and definitely a dog I could love.  I filled out my application at the humane society and they will let me know within a week if Angel can come home with me.  Apparently she has been there for a few weeks and there has been little to no interest in her; most people want a puppy.  I, however, will celebrate that she won’t eat my shoes and I don’t need to fork out money for her to be spayed.  Click here.  Choose dogs and scroll to the bottom to see Angel.  [If you want.  I don’t mean to be bossy.]
*clears throat*  About that name.  As a pastor – really, just as a human being – I refuse to stand outside and call loudly, “Angel!”  Especially when the neighbor dog has such a cool name – Neutron.
You know my brother has yellow lab too.  Jetta is right around five years old too.  Perhaps that’s why I could love Angel and want to give her a home.  She reminds me of the lab mutts we always had growing up and specifically of Jetta dear.

Here’s Jetta.

It’s not the best photo in the world; she was anxious to go outside and couldn’t believe I was making her sit.  This was the one photo she let me take while I visited her in Alaska.  I think I was just a friendly stranger to her now; she’s forgotten her auntie.  sniffle.

That’s pretty much what Angel looks like but I’d gather that Angel is a bit bigger, especially with a bigger head.  Jetta’s a petite girl.  Brother Matt wonders if I will name Angel something like Passat.  I must say it crossed my mind.  [Golf, Touareg, or Phaeton would just be silly.]
Or Darcy.  Darcy has been the name I’ve had for a long time in my head.  [Naturally, my love of P&P shines through here.  Don’t judge me, Lizzy, don’t you dare judge me.]
Doggy name thoughts?
I’ll keep you posted on my application process and should the humane society decide that I would be a responsible doggy mommy, the tales which follow will be plenty.  So many tales that you may curse this blog and wish I never got a dog in the first place.  You’ve been warned.  

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