29 Sep
I went to the care center in Austin this afternoon to visit a couple congregation members.  The first one – we’ll call him Steve – and I had never met.  I probably looked a bit lost, peering into his room to see if he was there.  Luckily [maybe?] the chaplain of the care center who I met yesterday at text study was just across the hall in another room.
Are you looking for Steve?, she asked me, walking into the hallway.
Who’s that?, yelled the woman in the room across the hall.
She’s another pastor, explained the chaplain.  
Is she on drugs too?
No, she’s not on drugs, the chaplain answered immediately.
On that note, we walked away and the chaplain took me to where Steve was hanging out with his wife and in-laws.  End scene.
My first instinct was to laugh but the chaplain kept a straight face so I managed too.  My second reaction was to ask, well, who else is on drugs?  And third, I wanted to ask this chaplain, whom I had only met once briefly in a larger group of people, what made her so sure that I wasn’t on drugs …

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