It’s here …

24 Dec
It’s the Christmas Eve wrap up!  [If it were Joel & Melissa, it would be a rap up.  I miss that rapping pair.]
One service this evening at 5pm at ROG.  Candlelight with Holy Communion and a whole lot of carol singing.  My sermon will also be no more than six and a half minutes long.  I’m going to talk about how Christmas is crazy.  This may also include wrapping the banana dog in a box for part of the children’s message.  Crazy is the word!
After the service, I’m heading to Owatonna for the Christmas Eve of misfits.  Paige, jD, Lauren, jD’s brother, the cats, a fondue pot, the game Spot It!, and I will comprise the misfits.  A week ago I was thinking about how sitting at home alone on Christmas Eve would not be fun.  That same day, I got a phone call from jD inviting me over.  Misfits think alike.  I’m looking forward to it with much anticipation.  It might even be a little … crazy?
I blogged a bit about being a pastor at Christmas here yesterday.
Mystique keeps falling over.  I’m not sure what kind of angel games she is trying to play with me.  She’s too full of glory to stay still?
Tomorrow, there is one Christmas Day service at ROG at 9am.  Immediately afterwards, this lady and her dog are Wisconsin bound because – have you heard?  I’m on vacation thru January 1st!  AND rumor has it January 2nd is a holiday.  Here’s to a week of leisurely reading, cousin time, and seeing long-lost friends. 
Merry Christmas, friends.

Christ comes as a baby in the manger not just to give us more of the life we know, but to give us new and abundant life altogether. For in Christ we have the promise that God will not stop until each and every one of us have been embraced and caught up in God’s tremendous love.  God will not stop until each of us have heard the good news that “unto you this day is born a savior, Christ the Lord.” [Oh, David Lose.  Thank you.]

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