a week away.

28 Dec
Turns out vacation for Lindsay also means no blogging for Lindsay.
Sunday was Christmas and a merry one at that.  Just Dance 3, the traditional card game of 31, and a Packer win.
Monday was lazy.  Movies were watched, How I Met Your Mother episodes played, and naps were had.
Target Tuesday followed with Molly and Erma Emma.  It was a game for Molly, creating as many odd and getting-inside-objects opportunities as possible.  [Please note these were all situations in which Molly said, “Take my picture!”  Provoked by Erma and I she was not.]

Today was lunch with two college friends [one who currently resides in CA and one in WA] and a spouse [one of theirs, not mine] in Madison, followed by outlet mall shopping in Wisconsin Dells with sem friend, Cassie.
Tomorrow is coffee and movie day.  Friends, aunt, cousins, and sister plus I will all venture to We Bought a Zoo.  I’ll give you the full Matt Damon report at a later date. 
Friday = Banana Christmas and Saturday = TBD.
Oh, what a lovely week of vacation.  
How was your Christmas?  The week that follows?

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