a promised review [with much rambling].

29 Dec
I promised you my Matt Damon update … but first I feel like I should explain myself.
I talk about Matt a lot. He’s my favorite. [And though I may seem slightly crazed, I promise I’m not. No posters on the wall, nor do I know anything about his personal life. This is strictly professional. I just love his smile.]
It all started back in 1997 with Good Will Hunting.
I went to see the movie with my mom. It was a matinee showing after school one day. I was in middle school. I didn’t so much want to see the movie because of Matt Damon; pretty sure I had little idea who he was. I wanted to see it because in middle school and high school I was so into being a film geek/knowledgeable in all things Oscar. [A goal of mine which has since gone out the window; I no longer subscribe to People, nor know who is dating whom in Hollywood.] Good Will Hunting was nominated beyond nominated that year for statues and I wanted to see it to have my own review. And so my mom and I sat in a nearly empty theater and listened to swear word after swear word, watching sex scene after sex scene. [awkward]
And so Matt became my favorite. [It’s not his fault. Nor yours. enter sobbing I know.] The Bourne movies. The Ocean’s movies. The Talented Mr.Ripley. The Adjustment Bureau. [In recent IMDB investigation for this post, it’s also noted he was a baseball spectator in Field of Dreams. It’s like the surprise of finding Elijah Wood pre-LOTR as the space-age boy playing duck hunt in Back to the Future II.] It’s his smile. His boyhood charm. I like them apples.
Thus tonight, I had to go see about a boy. I had to check out the latest Matt Damon masterpiece with a party of twelve at the Stoughton Cinema Cafe. [Five cousins, one sister, one aunt, three friends, and one child of a friend, plus I, at the theater that serves pizza while you sit at tables and watch the flick. It’s quaint and fun.]
We Bought a Zoo. Loved by adult women and source of boredom to children. I laughed, I cried, and I swooned, while my younger cousins asked for ice cream, wondered when it was time to go home, and hopped from chair to chair. But really – it was enjoyable. Heartwarming. Sweet. And Matt Damon looks particularly becoming in a gray sweater at one point. Kay will vouch.

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