30 Dec
Mabel and I went for a ride today to the Milton quilt shop.  [I needed some special fabric wash for these antique yellow squares and they had special ordered some this past summer.  Kinda upon my request.  And I never went to pick any up … opps.  I intend to make a throw for my yellow & gray bedroom.  Intend being the important word in that sentence.]
Listening to the radio on the drive home, I hear Lady Gaga.  I like Gaga.  I listen to her a fair bit.  There is a Gaga song – You and I – that talks about Nebraska.  “There’s only three men I’m a serve my whole life/It’s my daddy and Nebraska and Jesus Christ.”  To be clever? annoying? obnoxious? and since I’m in the state of Wisconsin, of course, Nebraska was substituted for the cheese state.  “It’s my daddy and Wisconsin and Jesus Christ.”
I. hate. that.
I don’t care if Wisconsin has the same number of syllables as Nebraska.  I don’t like it when states insert their own name or their own city or their own preferences of some kind into songs.  Hate it.  Just like I won’t cheer when a singer or band onstage yells out the city they’re currently in.  I feel no strong need to yell and scream because a famous person said the name of the state I live in while I’m at the concert.  No need at all.  I’ll cheer when you sing the songs I paid money to hear.  
It’s annoying and I don’t get it.  CPE me on this one but it annoys me enough to write this rant.  *end rant*  I’ll let you know how my antique quilt square throw comes out!  Now off to the Banana Christmas party!

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