Banana Christmas.

31 Dec
Perfect and lovely.
Here is a sampling of gifts given and received – you can’t make this stuff up.
Banana derby kit. (You take fruit or vegetables, add axles and stickers, and then race.) Banana napkin rings. (Bought at an estate sale.) Banana wine stopper. Banana luggage tag. Go Ape! card game. Raquel the Rooster. A wobbly snowman (read: groovy/likes to get down) who really likes bananas. Grow-your-own-banana kit.

I know it’s hard to believe but this part of the universe exists. The Christmas M & M commercials where the M & Ms meet Santa? “They do exist!” “He does exist!” We exist and there are Banana gifts a plenty, especially when we begin searching in February.
So then we played a major game of Spot It!  All five variations.  It was awesome and we were super loud.  The minute one of us began to lose in one of the fast-paced games, we began to say – quiet at first and ever so loudly – “Oh no!  Oh no!  Oh no!” or “Shoot!  Shoot!  Shoot!”  There never really was any hope that Dan and Marj would get sleep while the Bananas were there.

Kim: You know what would make this game [Spot It!] even better?
Everyone else: What?
Kim: [dramatic pause] Forks.
Gifts exchanged.  Games played. Jenni didn’t break any bones.  I declare it a Banana Christmas success.  

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