a year in review.

31 Dec
On this new year’s eve, let’s review the year with a list of highlights.  [I do love a good list.]  In no particular order – 
. I made a bunch of new wonderful friends at seminary. Like awesome wonderful. One group of us went out on Thursday nights [a tradition I miss a great deal] and I learned to drink beer.
. I realized there was so much of the cities I hadn’t explored and tried to check a lot of things off my list in the last semester I was there. Snowshoeing. Roller derby. Winter carnival.  Saints game.  New restaurants.  Dance parties.  History museum.  Polar plunge.
. I graduated from seminary, moved home, and had one last summer off with lots of family and friend adventures.  Good times were had by all at the cabin, in the cousin’s pool, and at graduation parties with cakepops.
. I was ordained as a pastor – what a wonderfully lovely day.  I felt so loved.
. Hey. I drove to Alaska. That was fun/best week ever.  [Also in the travel department, I spent a long weekend in Arizona visiting college friends and completed a week-long Minnesota Tour de Friends at the end of the summer.]
. I officiated at four weddings of dear family and friends.  They were fun times of growth for me as a pastor and weddings are – in general – awesome.   [Bouncy houses, Spotted Cow on tap, and old friends!]
. Oh.  And hey – I started a new job.  I’m 28 and I finally don’t have to pay to do my laundry and I receive a steady paycheck.  [all while doing a job I enjoy]
Good job, 2011.  Here’s to 2012.

[Which begins with me likely being in bed well before midnight.  I went out to dinner at the Pour House in Stoughton – quaint and cool – with Banana Kay and her boyfriend.  Now I watch HIMYM and talk to you.  Don’t laugh – it’s not entirely lame.  I at least left the house.]

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