new year. new goals.

1 Jan

The year of two-zero-one-two.

Setting goals for the whole year seems daunting. Let’s just start with January.
. no buy January. It was attempted and mostly successful in two-zero-one-one. Money will be spent only on groceries [see following goal], gas for Sprocket, a hair cut [already scheduled], the new Snow Patrol album [it comes out on Jan. 10th and I cannot be deprived], and monthly bills. A fund of $50 will be available for social activities. [Just because it’s no buy January doesn’t mean it’s hermit month. If someone asks me to go out for coffee – which I hope people will – I want to be able to go!]
. $75 groceries. You may not know it but I’m terrible at budgeting money, as in I don’t do it. [Please don’t think less of me.] It’s time to begin. I hope January to be a time to evaluate expenses and track groceries … and only spend $75 on them in January. [You may think to yourself, “Lindsay, you’re one person. You spend more than that?” Yeah. Most months I do because I’m not a smart shopper. And I buy many things on a whim. Like expensive cereal and duck sauce to make Thai pizza.] I’m going to attempt to be a smarter meal-planner; I’ll share some of my successes and [inevitable] failures in the month to come.  I’m up for a challenge.
. sweets no more. This one is a shocker. I will empty my house of sugar. That’s actually impossible [ie bread] – but I will empty it of known sugar offenders. No cookies, cakepops, sugar in the coffee, etc. Fruit shall be my sugar intake. [If I fail at any, it shall be this one. Game on.]
Putting those goals before me, I also recognize this in its own truth – ‘This New Year’s Eve you can lay the groundwork for continued growth without making any resolutions except one—to let go of the past, connect with yourself, to wake up, and be [resent.’  (Source: My dorky daily enneagram email tip for number twos.)  Let go; connect; wake up; be present.  Amen.
Game on, two-zero-one-two.  Game on.

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