joys of the week.

11 Jan
The joys of this crazy busy week include, but are not limited to —
. explaining to a table of women at the care center why my gloves have holes in them.  [They’re touch screen phone gloves – my finger and thumb are meant to be exposed.]
. morning walks with Ms.Mabel.
. a busy office – people have stopped by!  During the week, ROG can be a pretty dull and lonely place.  Yesterday we had a gov’t employee, doing water samples [He was delightful.] and an internet man, who gave us hope that in one-two months, he can give us high speed internet.  [But not until then.  We need to wait for a new tower to be put up.  But there is hope!]
. a feeling of competence at my job.  [Funeral number two is on the calendar for Saturday and I feel much more prepared and able this time around.  That feeling of competence is my joy; the funeral is not.]
. new photos in frames.
. laughing at the incredibility that Alaska is short on shovels.  It’s just wacky.  [Ben is working unlimited overtime to get snow off roofs.  I just can’t imagine.]
. dreaming about owning snowshoes.
. we’re all about buying mosquito nets at ROG this month.  [In fact, I hung mosquito pictures all over the church.  They won’t go away until we buy nets!]  In worship I put together a big metal bucket with netting and during the offering, kids are invited to come up and throw money into it.  [Make it noisy!]  There were adults handing coins to kids and even one woman who gave me a handful at the communion rail.  I LOVE me a church uniting for an awesome cause.
. lunch in Owatonna tomorrow with a crew of friends.
. gusto postcards like the one below.  [A nearly daily email I discovered via my friend, Megan, over at S&S.  It’s always cute and inspiring.]  I love my gusto – “the passionate, ridiculously wise, unflappably optimistic part of you that’s brimming over with a zest for life and the adventure that it is.”

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