banff if you do, banff if you don’t.

3 Apr
Live with Kelly [a tv show which somehow gains my attention many mornings, especially if Josh Groban is cohosting – he’s delightful] is in Banff, Alberta, Canada this week.  #jealous.
Then I received in my inbox a groupon getaways email [which I really just ought to unsubscribe from because all I want to do is go on every single one of their getaways].  There was a Canadian Rockies 11-day tour.  #sigh.
I want to go back to there.
Canadian Rockies – seriously breathtaking.  Banff – seriously touristy and expensive but fun for a day.  I looked into staying in/near Banff on my trans-Canadian excursion to Alaska this past summer and that was a no-go.  [To say it’s expensive is the understatement of the year.]  But oh – to have the time to go hiking and canoeing and exploring in the Canadian Rockies?  I want.
Oh, how I want to go again.  Oh, how I want to go anywhere.  Let’s face it – how much of this is wanting to go to Banff because it’s all up in my face this week?  OR how much of this is wanting to simply get on a plane and escape the chaos and crazy of church in holy week?
I’m going to go with a whole lot of one and a whole lot of the other.

Lake Louise

glacial lake

early morning banff.

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