I have a problem.

24 Oct
Parenthood.  [I write this through Parenthood tears right now]

Modern Family.  [favorite]
The Daily Show.  [I think Jon Stewart is so absolutely distinguished and hilarious]
The Office.  [I’ll hang on until the end]
Once Upon a Time.  [addicted]
Downton Abbey.  [so good]
White Collar.  [waiting for new episodes]
The New Girl. [sometimes]
Glee.  [occasionally]
Alias. [rewatching]
Conclusion: I have never watched so much television in my life.  
Maybe it’s something about living by myself.  Something about living in a corn field.  Something about needing something to lose myself in after a long day of work.  Something about that darn roku that makes my shows so readily available all the time.  [And that list is without my CBS shows which I cannot access on my roku.  Add a little Big Bang and HIMYM too.]
Quick.  Someone get this girl a new hobby.  
Or can someone come over and shut off my television at 10?  That would be helpful too.

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