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6 Oct

Sherlock Holmes says that often, usually to the annoyance of his friend, Dr. John Watson.

It’s a phrase I’ve heard a lot lately.  Why?

Because I’ve been watching a lot of Sherlock.


It’s a small sort of obsession.

The latest BBC version of Sherlock is two seasons in and continually gaining popularity.  Two BBC seasons meaning three hour-and-a-half episodes a piece.  [aka not enough]  I’ve watched all six on Hulu … and now am rewatching them.  Season three is finishing production and will likely air in early 2014.

It’s just so witty and smart and Benedict Cumberbatch is just so dashing.  With his popped coat collar, curly hair, and obvious discard for social norms, he’s enchanting.

With no new episodes, in addition to rewatching the existing six episodes, I’ve been soaking up anything else I can find.  Season three previews, interviews at Comic Con, stalking researching the men of the show on IMDB.   I think I might attempt to read the original literary works by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

To conclude, I like Sherlock and think you should too.  [If you do like Sherlock, too, we should talk about it.  I want to talk to you about it.]  This afternoon I watched season one episodes again and drank tea and ate biscuits.  Proper British drink for watching a proper British consulting detective.



Where’d you go, Lindsay?

12 Aug

You haven’t posted since last Wednesday, Lindsay.  No Friday Favorites.  No other posts.  Where have you been?



I’ve been hand sewing hexagons and watching The West Wing.

True story.

I checked out a book on English paper piecing hexagons last week from the library.  Hexagons have been on my sewing to-learn list for a while now and I finally decided to tackle them.  One of the best things?  It’s hand sewing so I can do it while watching television.  About that …

I needed a new series to watch on Netflix.  I chose The West Wing.  I chose right.  I’m hooked.  In the past week, I’ve had a hard time distinguishing what political stories are actually facing the country in real life, and which are fictional.

So that’s where I’ve been.  Sewing hexagons and watching meetings in the White House while really liking Danny the press guy.  That’s probably where I’ll be all week too.

[It’s not the only place I’ve been.  I went to the Cities for college friend time on Friday.  I cleaned my bedroom – a room in my house that’s been a disaster all summer.  It’s lovely now.  I ran errands on Saturday morning, timing it deliberately so I could mail a package when the cute, young guy works the post office counter.  Mabel and I went for many meandering walks in this beautiful weather.  I finished another baby quilt.  But the one place I haven’t been?  On my computer.]


Friday favorites?

12 Apr

Not in the traditional sense this week.  My Friday  was spent in two of my favorite places, neither being this computer compiling links and lists of favorite things.  Two places –

1. My sewing room.  Suddenly, in the last week, there has been a project on the design wall that grew and grew and I couldn’t stop working on it.  The quilt is now on my dining room table, ready to be sandwiched with batting by millions of safety pins.  It was going to be a quilt I give away but that jury is out; I’m kinda in love with it.  Especially the back.  [Not shown.  Cliffhanger!]



2.  The elementary school.  You know last week when I complained about not being a needed volunteer in first grade anymore?  About an hour after I published that post, I received a phone call.  Could I please come in?  There was a big project and they needed my help.  Of course!  I went to the elementary school and traced about twenty first graders on a very large roll of paper.  I traced and then they cut themselves out.  [It takes longer than you think to trace a kid or twenty!]  Today I had to go back to finish up the last fifteen kids or so.


That was my Friday, about to be rounded out by old episodes of The Office, red wine, and a skype date with some of my favorite people who live in Montana.  How was your Friday?

a british sunday.

7 Jan
It was all scones and tea for us last night as we gathered to watch the two hour premiere of Downton Abbey last night.  As with most Sunday evenings, we – the pastors, Charlie cat, & Charlie person – joined forces and spoke in British accents.   On Sundays past, we have gathered to watch Once Upon a Time but so sorry, crazy fairy tale characters and crazy plots, Downton Abbey is a trump card.
Do you watch Downton?  Check out this fun summary of the first two seasons whether you’ve seen them or not.  It’s fun.
In other news, I was kickboxing in my living room tonight and accidentally side kicked Mabel in the side of the face. I apologized but I’m not sure she’s forgiven me yet.

my contribution.  i was just excited to use my two-tiered serving tray.

homemade christmas/epiphany crackers.

I have a problem.

24 Oct
Parenthood.  [I write this through Parenthood tears right now]

Modern Family.  [favorite]
The Daily Show.  [I think Jon Stewart is so absolutely distinguished and hilarious]
The Office.  [I’ll hang on until the end]
Once Upon a Time.  [addicted]
Downton Abbey.  [so good]
White Collar.  [waiting for new episodes]
The New Girl. [sometimes]
Glee.  [occasionally]
Alias. [rewatching]
Conclusion: I have never watched so much television in my life.  
Maybe it’s something about living by myself.  Something about living in a corn field.  Something about needing something to lose myself in after a long day of work.  Something about that darn roku that makes my shows so readily available all the time.  [And that list is without my CBS shows which I cannot access on my roku.  Add a little Big Bang and HIMYM too.]
Quick.  Someone get this girl a new hobby.  
Or can someone come over and shut off my television at 10?  That would be helpful too.
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