three places on a thursday.

25 Oct
I left work shortly after 4 today, leaving behind a nearly complete sermon [*blog high five*].  I drove to the southern edge of the Cities and I went to three places.  This is how those places make me feel –
Place #1: Byerly’s wine and spirits.  I was early for my appointment at place #2 and had already decided it was a wine kind of weekend.  Byerly’s was on my way and so I pulled in the parking lot and walked through the automatic glass doors.  Immediately, I was approached.  It’s the first day of our wine sale.  Buy one, get one half off!  She was very excited about it.  I acknowledged the greeting.  Another person approached me thirty seconds later.  Has someone told you about our wine sale?  Yes.  Can I help you find something? Something in particular you are looking for?  Here is where I stumble.  How to tell the wine snobs at Byerly’s that my indication of a good bottle of wine is a funny name or silly label under $10?  Hmm.  I always feel like a baby wine drinker in wine shops.  I bought two bottles; one is very large.  The other is normal sized.  Working on the large one now.  It has a rooster on the label.  Silly.
Place #2: Beau Monde Salon.  Hair cut time!  Happy hair cut dance!  I love getting my hair cut.  I love how it feels afterwards and – though she is no Brent – I do like my current stylist, Tiffany.  She is fun to talk with, remembers me, and hasn’t once asked me what my dating status is [the flaw of so many hair stylists].  Happy hair cut dance!
Place #3: Lakeville Super Target.  My favorite Target.  The Target of all Targets.  I didn’t really need anything but rinse aid for my dishwasher and dental sticks for Mabel, but you know how Target works.  Buy-three-get-one-free method hand soap, $10 worth of my favorite yogurt not available at the local HyVee, and stocking up on toothpaste equaled a whole lot more.  Target makes me happy.  The kind of happy American consumerism wants me to feel.  I can’t help but bow to such consumerism when hand soap and Fage yogurt is involved.

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