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Goodnight, Irene.

25 Feb

[Goodnight, Irene.]  I feel like I owe you all a life update.  Life is crazy, she says again.  That’s like my life refrain.  Sing with me –

Wednesday night Lenten service.  Funeral.  Sunday worship.  Funeral.  Wednesday night Lenten service.  Funeral.  Sunday worship.

Did you sing it?  I did in my head – probably more in the genre of screaming Pink than anything orchestral and collected.  You may sense a pattern but it was not on repeat for the musical integrity of the song.  That’s my week beginning last Wednesday.  Worship service – funeral – worship service – funeral – worship service – funeral – worship service.  In a matter of ten days.

So that’s where I’ve been and will continue to be for the next five days.  I’m already exhausted.  In other news —

Sunday was a beautiful morning.  See the featured photo above for proof.

I hosted a Luther College outreach team on Saturday night.  They helped with worship and Sunday School.  It reminded me of how awesome college was and the great friends and memories I made while on an outreach team there.  They were super great young adults; it was fun to eat supper with them and have people in my house.

At the funeral lunch this past Saturday, I ended up sitting next to a member.  An older member.  [Early to mid-60s I would guess.]  The man across the table asked us if we were married.  #awkward.

Here’s how the first part of my tonight went: Turn on television to watch The Bachelor.   Television suddenly receive NO television stations.  No Bachelor for me tonight.  Turn on an episode of something on Netflix.  Begin to eat supper while watching.  Phone rings.  Answer phone.  Hang up phone.  Sit back down, restart episode, begin to eat again.  Cell phone rings.  Seriously?  [Everytime I answer the phone now, I internally say to myself, “Please let no one have died.  Please let no one have died.” Three funerals in a week is plenty.]

The night continues with me falling asleep at the keyboard while I type this post.  I think it’s time for bed.  Goodnight, Irene.

Friday favorites.

22 Feb

Gosh, guys.  I know I said last week was crazy no-good.  This week wasn’t much less crazy.  But probably a little good-er.  Yet, still, I’ve been a horrible blogging friend.  Should I make another promise to do better next week?  I’ll probably fail.  Please forgive me in advance for both an empty promise and failing to live up to it.

It is Lent, after all.  Cut this pastor a break.

Right.  Friday favorites.  I didn’t have a whole lot of time to search for awesomeness this week but some of this just fell into my lap.  Welcome to my favorites of the week.   Today they’re short and sweet.

I do love sewing paper.

Oh Happy Day writes of a spoon cookie cutter.  Can you imagine eating ice cream with a cookie spoon?!  Mind blown, right?

I have very little idea of how a chocolate pear custard tart with almond shortbread crust would taste but I can only imagine it would start with a g, end with a d, and have oo in the middle.

My favorite moment from the week?  When little precious three year old L. greets me.  She always has the most innocent, “Hey Pastor Lindsay” for me.  It’s pretty darn darling.

Do you love a good grammar/punctuation laugh like I do?  Look no further than these new punctuation marks!

And last but not least —

I give thanks.

17 Feb

[I give thanks.] A post written in the rhythm of @UnvirtuousAbbey without the awesome humor and retweets. Read mine and then add your own. What do you give thanks for this day?

For a mandoline to quickly and uniformly slice sweet potatoes for the week, I give thanks. It’s like the guillotine. For yams.

For members who one day are seemingly against anything I say and the next day are the ones volunteering to pray and bringing bars of soap for our LWR care kits, I give thanks.

For completely sincere, supportive, and loving emails from a sincere, supportive, and loving friend, I give thanks. [That’s all you, broken mothership.]

For dark chocolate sea salt popcorn, I give thanks. For the P90x cardio dvd to offset the dark chocolate sea salt popcorn, I also give thanks.

For internet that finally works without powering down the router at church every six to eight hours, I give immense thanks.

For a double dose of The Bachelor this week, I will give thanks. [No judging. Sometimes the prospect of trashy tv gets me through my day.]

For Hannah who made me a tissue paper flower and helped me set up for worship, I give thanks. [Hannah -6ish years old- made tissue paper flowers with her grandma. Her grandma asked, “Who do you want to give this to?” certain the answer would be her mother. Unprompted, her response was Pastor Lindsay. I melt.]


Your turn.

Friday Favorites.

15 Feb

[Friday Favorites.]

Gosh, I love everything about this.  Post-its, fun messages to leave around the house [though I don’t think Mabel can read], and endless possibilities all around.

This is my crazy cousin, Molly.  I love her and seriously think she may have a future as a professional lip syncer. 

I LOVE the idea of an indoor herb garden.  Oh, to have cilantro on hand.  Have you had any luck with indoor herbs?  I seem to kill them off.  Maybe [you and] I can find a few handy tips here.

Salted dark chocolate popcorn, you sound absolutely delightful.

You know how I get about Thai food.  Do you also know how I get about the Pioneer Woman?  [Love her.  Want to be her.]  Take those two hands and put them together [said like Joey from Friends].  I present to you Thai Chicken Wraps by Ree.

And, last but not least, this I need to believe and begin to live:

A memo to the Batman.

13 Feb

[A memo to the Batman.]

To: The Batman

From: gnomepreacher [and her friends at Red Oak Grove]

I have two theories, Batman.

1. Bats simply follow you wherever you go.  OR

2. You brought one on purpose.

In my year and a half at Red Oak Grove, I have seen no bats.  I have heard no bats.  I have had no bats swooping at my head.  That all changed last Sunday … conveniently the Sunday AFTER you visited.  Hmmm …

I hadn’t walked into the narthex/sanctuary yet that morning; the organist was the first to do that.  I was in a different hallway, chatting with people who had just arrived when we heard a screech.  I can’t be exactly sure but I think it was something like this: AHHH!  THERE’S A BAT!

Because there was a bat swooping around in the narthex.  A bat, Batman.  Explain that one.  I will mention that because of our lack of bats, we do not have proper bat-catching or bat-fighting tools.  There was a broom involved and a trash can at some point.  I’m sad to say, though they tried, the bat did not make it out alive.  We lack the Batman skill.

[Gail: This is really just me wanting you to make sure Keith knows we have now had a bat!  Pass it on!]


12 Feb

[Joy.]  Ministry is hard.

I’m reminded of that this week more than ever.  It’s not any one thing in particular.  It’s prepping for Lent.  It’s congregational reports taking more time than I want them to take.  It’s realizing on Tuesday that I won’t get a weekend this week.  It’s having more people on my to-visit list than I can feasibly actually visit.  It’s two sermons a week for the next six weeks.  It’s organizing youth for a lock-in and acolyting and Lenten suppers.  This isn’t new stuff and it’s not unique-to-me stuff.  But it’s hard, and the difficulty is striking a new chord this week.

And so, in times like this, I look for joy.  I need a little joy this week.  Okay – I need a lot of joy this week.  Here is where I’m finding mine; where are you finding yours?

Featured photo: First grade Valentine’s art work adorn the halls in Blooming Prairie.  I love it.

Big city, yeah, yeah.

9 Feb

[Big city, yeah, yeah.]  I went to the Cities on Thursday night.  Pastor Joel from Montana [the pastor whom Paige and I had just seen a week earlier] was in town for a continuing education event.  It was almost as if we didn’t actually live a 16 train ride away, seeing each other twice in the course of a matter of weeks.  The continuing education event at the seminary was over and Joel was getting on the train that night.  We made dinner plans and I made plans to arrive in the Cities a bit early to explore a few of my favorite places.

IMG_2019Favorite place #1: Paper Source.  I drool over the catalogs when they arrive in the mail. It’s where I buy bookmaking supplies and my Christmas cards.  They have an entire wall of cards and envelopes in every size arranged by color.  #dreamy



Favorite place #2: Right across the street in Uptown is the Kitchen Window.  A kitchen store.  #drool.  I went in for a pastry blender and walked out with that and the creme-of-the-crop candy coating discs that I use for cakepops.  I usually pick up the Wilton’s brand from craft stores but when Merken’s brand is available, it makes huge difference.

IMG_2021Favorite place #3: I met up with Joel and Paige at the seminary and we were off to Punch Pizza where the pizzas are cooked at 800 degrees for 90 seconds and the best salad on the face of the earth exists.  Hands down.

I do love the Cities and seeing my friends there.  I love St.Anthony Park [featured photo] and creme brulee at Wilde Roast.  I kinda miss it all – the paper, the proximity to high quality cakepops supplies, the pizza, and especially the friends.

friday favorites.

8 Feb

It’s been a crazy week.  I’m sorry I haven’t been more bloggy.  Turns out returning  to work after vacation will make you crazy — so crazy that your administrative assistant just knows to bring you Girl Scout cookies to help manage your stress.

Two things: You encourage me.  And — say, what’s your space jam?  [Watch this.  It will make sense and will make your whole day better, I promise.]

Need a DIY Valentine’s idea?  These are super cute and all they require is a printer, some cardstock, and fun candies.  [Okay.  And maybe some twine and bags and tape.]

Skillet Chicken Pot Pie with Butternut Squash sounds entirely delicious.  It may be a great comfort food as the anticipated winter storm approaches this weekend.

I signed up for a continuing education class in July.  It’s a journaling/art class at the art school on Madeline Island.  I am beyond excited to escape to the island for a week, squash my inner critic, and enjoy the water.  Upon further investigation, I also learned that the instructor for the class is a creativity coach.  I’m in love with her already.

Does your phone or ipad or laptop need a fun desktop background?  How About Orange has some cute options … and they’re free!

I love everything this woman quilts.  Seriously.  She is my inspiration.

So yesterday was awesome.

4 Feb

[So yesterday was awesome.]  It started out as a regular Sunday with one major difference – I was feeling quite rested and ready after two weeks of vacation.  Bring on worship.

I’m sitting in my office, prepping and talking to the treasurer, when I see out the window a couple from my former life walking up the sidewalk.  Batman was here!  Batman and his wife were here!  [Wondering who Batman is?  Read this.]  It was so fun to see them and chat with them.  A day can’t go wrong when there are Dawson visitors involved!

Fast forward.  Everyone has left church and I’m tidying up a few loose ends before heading out.  Boy Scout dad and two of his kids [also my neighbors and a family who attend ROG] show up; they hold their den meeting at ROG some Sunday afternoons.  One of his kids with him is in the den; the other is his daughter.  Why is his daughter coming to the Boy Scout meeting?  To conduct a science experiment, in which I also participated.

Budding scientist:  Hi Pastor Lindsay.  Do you want to help me with my science project?
PL:  What do I have to do?
Budding Scientist: [whips ziploc bags of cookies from her grocery tote] Try three different cookies and then I’ll ask you some questions.

[Let me get this straight.  You want me to eat three chocolate chip cookies at the point in the day when I’m most hungry after working and running around since 7:30 this morning?]

PL: Um, yeah!

And so I tried cookies A, B, and C.  I ranked them for overall taste and crunch.  [Turns out one had baking power, one had baking soda, and one had neither.]  Most delicious and awesome science project ever.

From there, I went on a hospital call.  Sweet, dear gentleman who normally resides in the care center was in the hospital.  He was pretty weak and he hadn’t had any liquids to drink for at least a day; he tried to talk but with such a dry mouth, it was hard to understand him.  His son was there; he tried to translate for me.  At two different points, the sweet, dear gentleman said things in my general direction.  I looked at the son for translation.  First: He says he likes your scarf.  Second: He says you have a nice coat.  Well, thank you, sweet, dear gentleman.

More day of awesome continued with a trip to the dog park for Ms.Mabel, phone conversations with long lost friends, and velvetta cheese at a Superbowl party.  The only disappointment in this day of awesome was missing out on a date with my bestie, Sara, for the second time due to snow.  Darn snow.  One of these days, Sara and I will reunite and it will be all kinds of awesome.

February 1: friday favorites.

1 Feb

[February 1: friday favorites.]  There is something so full of potential with the start of a new month.  With the start of each day, really.  After clearing my mind during vacation, I’m excited to approach February.  A new month.  New possibilities.

I hereby declare February the month of the blog.  [In addition to the month I start exercising on a regular basis again, the month in which Lent begins, the month I do something creative every day, the month of everything else I could ever possibly want to do, etc.]  The blog got its own domain and a whole new look just a few weeks ago.  Now it’s time for a little focus and a little forward thinking about this thing I love to write.

And so, during this month of possibility and month of the blog, I institute a weekly post: friday favorites.  A round-up of my favorite things both on and off the web from the past week.  Let’s begin.

I saw this and loved it.  The tutorial calls for sheet metal glued to the inside of a cabinet.  Something tells me that’s not a great approach for the poor pastor in the parsonage.  But it did inspire me to 3M-strip-the-heck out of a couple cork trivets to the inside of a couple cabinets.  It’s the perfect place for recipes [no longer cluttering the side of my fridge] and coupons and all sorts of important stuff.

Another organizing idea I hopped right to was this one.  I [once again – thank God for 3M strips] 3M-stripped-the-heck out of a couple hooks and a wire basket.  It now holds my sponges and fels-naptha.

Have you watched The Office from this week?  The show has had its moments of floundering in the past years but I’m in love with it once again.  They’re going out with class and the classic humor that first made it the show I love.

Look at these darling fabric bows.  I want to make one hundred of them and cover every known surface.

Do you watch The Bachelor?  No judging, please.  If you don’t, you can but pretend you don’t.  If you do, check out this dude’s blog.  He reviews each episode in an oh-so-manly and hilarious fashion.  And apparently he has a black belt in feelings.

Have you heard of Go Mighty?  Go Mighty is an online community where you set goals, tell stories, and encourage one another to challenge the status quo.  I just joined and am still getting the hang of it.  They have an annual conference in California I would die to go to; unfortunately, it’s not in the budget or vacation this year.  One thing we all can do right now – Go Mighty is challenging everyone to take 20 minutes each day to do something intentional for yourself or for others.  20 minutes a day in February.  Today I mixed up three batches of Valentine cookie dough to bake and send to people.  That was my #20minutes.

Perhaps that’s enough for now.  Come back next Friday for more favorites!

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